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China Standard Custom-Made Stainless Steel CNC Chip Conveyor Belt Roller Drive Chain Hinge

Product Description

Product Description

steel hinged conveyor belt scrap conveyor chain is divided into a variety of chip removal machine, the width can be made according to user requirements.
(1)our chip conveyor chain gives complete solutions to mechanical handling problems.
(2)material:stainless steel and A3 steel.
(3)application:mainly used in excluding scraps in all kinds of mechanism and coal mine,metallurgy equipment.
thanks for your attention on our chip conveyor chain belt , we have our own factory . i believe our price is the most reasonable CZPT its well done work.



Product Parameters



Our commitment:
-Fast delivery.
-Factory direct sales, can accept large orders.
-EU CE certification.
-Professional sales online response guidance.
-High-end services, just because you are our customer.


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Our chip conveyor is packed in containers. 
Delivery: 5-10 days after ordering the Product.


Company Profile

ZheJiang CZPT Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. was established on March 4, 2004. Professional R & D and manufacturing for 18 years: machine chip conveyor. We mainly serve the European market and the Asian market, and our products are sold in 39 countries. With our sincere corporate culture, we are deeply loved and praised by our customers. The CZPT factory has 2 production and processing workshops and 1 assembly workshop. Good products are inseparable from good equipment. In order to meet the high quality requirements of our customers around the world, we updated our manufacturing equipment in 2016. With these devices, our delivery time is faster. Better quality. The company’s existing equipment is as follows: 1 fiber laser cutting machine, 5 CNC bending machines, 4 CNC shearing machines, 6 Haitian injection molding machines, 11 CZPT welding machines. This has greatly improved our efficiency. Product quality has advanced by leaps and bounds.


Our Advantages

Screw-type bellows cover factory Our Advantage:
1 / Zhong De have their own design center; 7 engineers.
2 / Own factory; 2 production lines. 29 workers.
3 / Good service team; 13 sales serving 39 countries.
4 / Factory supply, best quality and no MOQ;
5 / 200 items are shipped within 24 hours.
6 / EU CE certification, ISO9001 quality system certification.
7 / video support to see plants, 360 ° take you to visit the factory.
8 / one-to-1 service, until the service is satisfactory.



Q: How long is the delivery time of the chip conveyor?

A: If it is in stock, it usually takes 2 to 3 days. Or, if there is no inventory, it takes 5 to 10 days, depending on the quantity.


Q: Can I add our logo to the chip conveyor products I purchased?

A: Yes, we can provide OEM & ODM services.

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: Payment = 1000USD, 30% T / T in advance, pre-shipment balance.
ZheJiang CZPT Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of chip conveyors. We are now doing a wide range of businesses around the world. If you are interested in our project, please feel free to send us a query, we will give you a quote as soon as possible, welcome your advice!

Material: Stainless Steel
Structure: Customized
Surface Treatment: Customized
Chain Size: Customized
Feature: Oil Resistant
Certificate: CE ISO9001
US$ 34/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

drive chain

How does the lubrication method affect the performance of a drive chain?

The lubrication method used for a drive chain has a significant impact on its performance and longevity. Here is a detailed explanation:

Proper lubrication is essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of a drive chain. It reduces friction, minimizes wear, and prevents corrosion between the chain’s moving parts. The lubrication method chosen can affect the performance of the drive chain in the following ways:

  • Reduced Friction and Wear: Adequate lubrication forms a protective layer between the chain’s moving parts, reducing metal-to-metal contact and minimizing friction. This helps to prevent excessive wear, elongation, and premature failure of the chain. The lubricant acts as a barrier, allowing the chain to operate with reduced resistance and improved efficiency.
  • Heat Dissipation: Proper lubrication helps dissipate heat generated by the friction between the chain’s components during operation. This prevents overheating and the potential degradation of the lubricant, ensuring the chain can operate within its designed temperature range. Effective heat dissipation contributes to the longevity and optimal performance of the drive chain.
  • Protection against Corrosion: Lubrication provides a protective coating on the chain, safeguarding it against moisture, contaminants, and corrosive substances. This is particularly important in environments where the chain is exposed to water, chemicals, or harsh operating conditions. The lubricant prevents rust and corrosion, preserving the integrity of the chain and extending its service life.
  • Reduction of Noise and Vibration: Proper lubrication helps to reduce noise and vibration generated by the drive chain during operation. It acts as a damping agent, absorbing and minimizing the transmission of vibrations, resulting in smoother and quieter chain operation. This contributes to a more comfortable and productive working environment.
  • Selection of Lubricant: The choice of lubricant depends on various factors, including the application, operating conditions, temperature, speed, and load requirements. Different lubricants, such as oils, greases, or solid lubricants, may be suitable for different applications. The lubricant must be compatible with the chain material and should possess the necessary viscosity, temperature resistance, and lubricating properties to meet the specific demands of the drive chain.
  • Appropriate Lubrication Frequency: The lubrication method also includes determining the appropriate frequency for lubrication. Regular lubrication intervals must be established based on the chain’s operating conditions and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Insufficient lubrication or over-lubrication can both lead to performance issues, such as increased friction, poor lubricant distribution, or accelerated contamination buildup.

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations regarding lubrication methods, lubricant types, and lubrication intervals for the specific drive chain. Regular inspection and maintenance should be conducted to monitor the lubrication effectiveness and ensure proper lubricant replenishment.

By selecting the appropriate lubrication method and maintaining proper lubrication, operators can optimize the performance, reliability, and lifespan of the drive chain, contributing to smoother operation, reduced wear, and improved overall efficiency.

drive chain

What are the specific guidelines for installing a drive chain?

Proper installation of a drive chain is crucial to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Here are the specific guidelines for installing a drive chain:

  1. Inspect the new drive chain before installation. Check for any signs of damage or defects. Ensure that the chain meets the specifications and requirements of the application.
  2. Ensure the sprockets are in good condition and properly aligned. Check for worn teeth, damage, or misalignment. Replace or repair any faulty sprockets before installing the new chain.
  3. Clean the sprockets and chain path thoroughly. Remove any dirt, debris, or old lubricant that may affect the performance of the new chain.
  4. Measure and cut the new chain to the appropriate length. Use a chain breaker or a suitable cutting tool to ensure a clean and precise cut.
  5. Install the master link or connecting link according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it is securely fastened and properly seated.
  6. Place the new chain onto the sprockets. Ensure that the chain engages smoothly and evenly on the teeth of the sprockets.
  7. Check the chain tension. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the recommended tension. Adjust the tension if necessary by adjusting the position of the rear wheel or using a tensioner mechanism, if available.
  8. Lubricate the chain with a suitable lubricant. Apply the lubricant evenly along the entire length of the chain. Avoid over-lubrication, as it can attract dirt and debris.
  9. Rotate the wheel or crank the engine to ensure that the chain moves smoothly and freely without any binding or excessive noise.
  10. Perform a final inspection to verify that the chain is properly installed, aligned, and tensioned. Check for any abnormal sounds, vibrations, or signs of chain slippage.

Following these specific guidelines for installing a drive chain will help ensure proper functionality, longevity, and optimal performance of the chain in the intended application.

drive chain

How does a drive chain differ from a timing belt?

A drive chain and a timing belt are both components used in power transmission, but they differ in their construction, operation, and application. Here are the key differences between a drive chain and a timing belt:

  • Construction: A drive chain consists of interconnected links or rollers, typically made of steel, that form a flexible mechanism. In contrast, a timing belt is a toothed belt made of a reinforced rubber material with teeth on the inner surface.
  • Power Transmission: Drive chains are commonly used for transmitting power in applications where flexibility and high-load capacity are required, such as in vehicles, machinery, and industrial equipment. Timing belts, on the other hand, are primarily used for precise synchronization of engine components, such as camshafts and crankshafts, in internal combustion engines.
  • Motion and Operation: Drive chains transfer power through rotational motion. The engagement of the chain links with sprockets allows for the transfer of rotational force. Timing belts, on the other hand, rely on the meshing of teeth on the belt with grooves or pulleys to ensure precise timing and synchronization of the engine’s internal components.
  • Maintenance and Tension: Drive chains require periodic lubrication and tension adjustment to ensure proper operation and minimize wear. Timing belts, on the other hand, are typically maintenance-free and do not require lubrication or frequent tension adjustments.
  • Noise and Vibration: Drive chains, especially roller chains, can generate more noise and vibration during operation compared to timing belts, which are designed to operate with reduced noise and vibration.
  • Replacement: In case of damage or wear, drive chains can be repaired by replacing individual links or sections. Timing belts, on the other hand, usually require complete replacement as they are not easily repairable.

Ultimately, the choice between a drive chain and a timing belt depends on the specific application requirements, such as the need for power transmission, precision timing, load capacity, maintenance preferences, and operational conditions.

China Standard Custom-Made Stainless Steel CNC Chip Conveyor Belt Roller Drive Chain Hinge  China Standard Custom-Made Stainless Steel CNC Chip Conveyor Belt Roller Drive Chain Hinge
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China Best Sales Stainless Steel Chain Mesh Conveyor Belt for Tunnel Oven near me manufacturer

Solution Description

Chain driven conveyor belt is an cost-effective and standard use belt for medium load apps. It is the most generally utilized wire mesh conveyor belt worldwide and can be used for virtually all apps, which includes foods processing (from drainage to cooling) as well as industries ranging from ceramic, glass, metalworking and CZPT industry.

The most typical software in CZPT industry is as conveyor belt for higher temperature sterilization machinery. Because it is created of stainless metal 304 or 316, it has substantial temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. By precision roller chains at 2 sides and flat floor, it runs stable and easily with high press and tension. In addition to, with great air circulation and non-poisonous materials, it is effortless to clean and preserve.

Construction: Making use of left & correct hand spiral coils and connected with a straight CZPT rod to produce a well balanced weave and flat floor which is straight monitoring.

Merchandise Name Stainless Metal Roller Chain Pushed Conveyor Belt 
rod pitch(mm) 2–30
spiral pitch tailored
chain pitch 19.05mm 25.4mm 31.75mm 38.1mm 50.8mm and customized
wire diameter(mm) one.–3.
suppor diameter(mm) tailored
middle to heart tailored
assist rod diameter five–16mm
Content all areas rods, mesh, hyperlinks in foods grade stainless metal 304 / 316
software washing, drying, CZPT and heat therapy.

You should observe Parameters showed on the drawing  below when you request for a quotation
one. Duration and C/C Distance
two. Help Rod Pitch and Roller Pitch
three. Spiral Pitch and Rod Pitch
4. Wire Diameter and Rod Diameter
five. Content

Major edge:
1. steady managing, flat area
2. acid / alkali resistance, sturdy corrosion resistance
3. minimal and substantial temperature resistance
four. effortless to set up, thoroughly clean and preserve
five. good air circulation and nontoxic.
Material: stainless steel 304 or 316, high temperature metal, and so on.

Software: pharmaceutical large temperature sterilization, pasteurization generation line, CZPT sterilizing pot, etc.

Whether or not you are constructing from scratch or updating an current undertaking, obtaining the correct size for your roller chain is a critical initial determination. To precisely evaluate a roller chain, you need to know the general width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and top.
This sort of chain is employed in the initial levels of electrical power transmission growth. When the sprocket moves closer to or away from the tooth, sounds is designed as the enamel rub from the connecting rod. These sorts of chains are utilised to some extent for minimal-speed conveyor chains.

China Standard ANSI Chain Bakeries, Overhead Conveyors Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt with high quality

Product Description

Product Description


Roller Chains – ANSI, BS/DN, Anti-Corrosive and Attachment Types
Roller chains are important components and accessories in the complete conveyor belt system. They are employed combined with roller sprockets as generate technique to guarantee the secure and sleek conveying and transmitting. We can source all sorts of roller chains for you. Just refer to the pursuing introduction, and determine which 1 is ideal for you. As for the thorough technical specs, you can get them in 3 ways:
ANSI standard roller chains are the most widely utilized power transmission chains in the United states. A true powerhouse in precision & good quality, the Nitro ANSI chains are developed to take care of a broad range of applications throughout many industries. Rigorous quality specifications ensures each chain regularly adheres to our demands for energy and dependability. ANSI chains come in a several choices such as several strands for purposes with higher horsepower needs.

 Chain Variety Pitch Internal Width Roller Diameter Overall Width Pin Diameter Plate Top Plate Thickness
# P b1 d1 L d2 h2 T
twenty five-1* one/4 1/eight .one hundred thirty .311 .091 .228 .030
35-1* 3/eight 3/16 .two hundred .488 .141 .346 .050
forty-one one/2 5/16 .312 .653 .156 .469 .060
forty one-one one/2 1/4 .306 .541 .141 .390 .050
fifty-1 five/eight 3/8 .four hundred .815 .200 .585 .080
sixty-one 3/four 1/two .469 one.571 .234 .709 .094
eighty-one one 5/eight .625 1.287 .312 .949 .one hundred twenty five
100-1 one-1/4 3/four .750 one.590 .375 one.188 .156
one hundred twenty-one 1-1/2 one .875 one.980 .437 1.425 .187
one hundred forty-1 1-3/4 one one.000 2.141 .500 one.663 .219
a hundred and sixty-one 2 1-1/four one.one hundred twenty five two.551 .562 1.889 .250
a hundred and eighty-one two-1/4 one-thirteen/32 one.406 2.866 .687 two.047 .281
200-1 two-1/2 1-1/two 1.562 three.161 .781 two.375 .312
240-one 3 one-7/eight 1.875 three.760 .937 two.791 .375

Incorporating backlinks that are two times as extended as regular roller chains, the roller chain is intended for prolonged drives, low-to-moderate-velocity programs, and uses sprockets with at minimum 24 enamel. They have been developed with thicker sides plates in get to deal with increased functioning hundreds than common chains. With a far more sturdy aspect plate, weighty roller chains preserve their energy and security over longer durations of time.
Hollow pin roller chain is essentially the identical point as a common roller chain just with “hollow-pins”. This not only decreases the chain fat, but it also provides you the ability to location prolonged pins through the chain for conveying solution. Many purposes contain bakeries, overhead conveyors, elevators, poultry, agricultural, and a broad variety of other programs.

Dimension Pitch (P) (W) (R) (D) (d) Hollow Pin Size (F) (H) (T) Excess weight
40HP .five hundred” .313″ .312″ .221″ .157″ .689″ .689″ .472″ .059″ .35 LBS/ FT
50HP .625″ .375″ .400″ .283″ .202″ .854″ .854″ .591″ .079″ .fifty eight LBS/ FT
60HP .750″ .500″ .469″ .333″ .236″ 1.055″ one.055″ .713″ .094″ .eighty one LBS/ FT
80HP 1.000″ .625″ .625″ .449″ .318″ one.276″ one.276″ .950″ .a hundred twenty five” 1.46 LBS/ FT

A number of strand roller chains are designed to be the numerous stand count more robust than the ANSI or Metric equal. An illustration would be #80-2 double roller chain is “double” the strength as ANSI eighty-1 single chain. Our several strand roller chains are confident to impress with industry-foremost tensile strengths and functionality aspects. Giving up to 12 (-12) strand roller chains we are positive to have the numerous strand roller chain for your software. Moreover, we offer corrosion resistant a number of strand roller chains these kinds of as stainless, nickel, and coated as well as several strand chain sprockets.

Dimensions Pitch (P) (K) (W) (R) (D) (F) (T1) (T2) (H) Fat (LBS/ FT)    
04B-two .236″ .217″ .a hundred and ten” .158″ .073″ .524″ .197″ .154    
05B-2 .315″ .222″ .118″ .197″ .091″ .571″ .280″      
06B-2 .375″ .403″ .225″ .250″ .129″ .941″ .039″ .051″ .323″ .496    
08B-two .500″ .548″ .305″ .335″ .175″ one.260″ .059″ .059″ .469″ .872    
10B-two .625″ .653″ .380″ .400″ .200″ one.457″ .059″ .059″ .579″ 1.127    
12B-2 .750″ .766″ .460″ .475″ .225″ one.697″ .071″ .071″ .634″ one.529    
16B-2 one.000″ one.255″ .670″ .625″ .326″ two.756″ .126″ .157″ .819″ three.433    
20B-two one.250″ 1.435″ .770″ .750″ .401″ 3.169″ .138″ .177″ one.571″ five.076    
24B-two one.five hundred” 1.904″ one.000″ 1.000″ .576″ four.217″ .197″ .236″ 1.224″ nine.321    
28B-2 one.750″ 2.345″ 1.220″ 1.100″ .626″ 5.083″ one.457″ eleven.09    
32B-2 two.000″ 2.305″ one.220″ 1.one hundred fifty” .701″ five.102″ one.662″ 14.571    
40B-2 two.five hundred” 2.846″ one.500″ one.550″ .901″ 6.358″ 2.083″ 21.378    
48B-2 3.000″ three.599″ one.800″ one.900″ 1.151″ 7.803″ 2.512″ 33.four    
56B-two three.500″ 4.197″ two.100″ two.a hundred twenty five” one.351″ nine.039″ 3.063″ 46.765    




Like all of our roller chains, our one-strand roller chains are warmth dipped to ensure 100% lubricated factors and warmth treated to enhance use resistance. Our sizzling dip lubrication method makes certain that each and every one strand roller chain operates at optimum capability and put on life for as extended as achievable. EP Chain proudly gives highly durable one chain roller chains for your convenience. Each and every of our single-strand roller chains is preloaded throughout the production method, effectively lowering initial elongation soon after you obtain your merchandise. You will find our single-strand roller chains utilised in a range of apps, such as the food business or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we recognize that downtime can indicate misplaced organization and profits. Our single-strand roller chains are the missing url your business requirements to hold equipment and daily operations operating efficiently.
Chain pitch: refers to the distance in between the hinge center of 1 chain website link and the hinge heart corresponding to the adjacent chain website link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle where the middle of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped around the ball. The hinge facilities of the chain and the circles drawn by means of these centers are known as pitch circles, and their diameters are called pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilized to continuously elevate and convey material at a velocity of 2 m/s. There are two varieties of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This type of conveyor chain is utilised for electrical power transmission between conveyors of shorter lengths. Closed chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, forged and shaped, with substantial power soon after heat treatment method.

China high quality Manufacturer Chain Stainless Steel Mesh Conveyor Belt for Washing, High Temperature Processing wholesaler

Item Description

Wire Conveyor Belting with Chain


The chain pushed belt has received consolidated experience in the style engineering and producing of metal conveyor belts for purposes that need temperatures ranging from approx. -150°C to +1.150°C. The conveyor belts are employed in numerous industrial processes and sectors, from metallurgical engineering, to prescription drugs to meals processing.

Solution Title Chain Driven Belt / Conveyor Belt Design NO. Tailored-RF01
Material Stainless Metal 304 316 Rod Dia. five / 6 / 8 / ten / 12 mm
Width 200 – 4000 mm, Tailored Aspect Guard With or With out
Trademark RF Transportation Deal Wooden Box
Specification Tailored Origin China

Solution Show


one. Good travel, easy managing
two. Tiny force on wire mesh fabric
three. Stands temperature from -fifty five ºC to 1150 ºC
four. Side guard and flight are offered
five.Material:carbon metal, galvanized steel, stainless metal, weathering metal, large temperature metal etc.


one. Baking Market: For CZPT bread, this sort of as Bagel, Croissant, Danish&Cinnamon Pastries, Puff Pastries, Muffins and Bread&Rolls.
2. Freezing Industry: For fast freezing food, these kinds of as Bacon, Hen Chop, Meat, Fish, Pork, Beefsteak, Lamb Chop or even Seafood and Veggies.
3. For others: For meals processing, this sort of as Transport, Proofing, Cooking, Heating, Drying, Cooling, Drainage, Hoisting.

Make sure you note below Parameters confirmed on the subsequent picturewhen you ask for a quotation:
1. Duration and C/C Length
2. Assist Rod Pitch and Roller Pitch
3. Spiral Pitch and Pod Pitch
4. Wire Diameter and Rod Diameter
5. Content

If you are not confident the parameters over, pls contact us, we will give you the very best advice.

Other Goods

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Standard Export Bundle
Shipping: ten-twenty days soon after obtaining the payment

Firm Info

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Runfeng Chain Transmission Tools Co., Ltd. delivers a wide selection of types and requirements of conveyor belts to suit our customers’ distinct software and enhance approach efficiencies. We supply conveyor belts for industries this sort of as Meals Processing, Textiles, Electronics, Agriculture, Automotive, and so on. Our Consumer Services Basic principle is Often Customer 1st.

one. Q: How to validate the variety?
    A: There are many strategies for us to validate the kind:
        1) inform us the specifications information.
        2) inform us your demands as more as achievable, and our engineers will give you the ideal suggestion and style the most appropriate item. 
        3) send out us the photographs with dimensions.
        4) send out us a small piece sample.
2. Q: What is the payment phrases?
    A: We choose T/T, but for some international locations, we will also accept L/C. So pls truly feel cost-free about the payment.
three. Q: When will delivery the items?
    A: Typically, we will supply the goods within 15 working times. And if the quantity is large, it will get about 20-30 working times.
four. Q: How extended will the product be utilized?
    A: The time is different differ the use and manufacturing facility. But we can validate and make confident that our merchandise can be used longer than any other 1 in China.
5. Q: Is the bundle powerful enough for the extended transportation?
    A: Of training course it is.
        By sea, we will pack every piece into picket/ polywood box.
        By air, we will pack it by sturdy water-evidence bag. 

Discover the roller chain at EP, which has a wider midsection plate to support have heavier loads on conveyor belts, wire rod devices, printing presses and numerous other industrial purposes. Roller chains are completely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to aid reduce elongation. Pick one or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to help stop rust and chemical corrosion.
Silent chain, also known as inverted tooth chain. It is made to get rid of the sick effects of stretching and develop a tranquil stroll. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain raises, the radius that the chainrings vacation more than the sprocket teeth raises slightly.

China manufacturer Conventional Stainless Steel Horseshoe Chain Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt for Bread Oven, Biscuits, Pizza, Sausage, Baking/Freezing/Frying/Cooling with high quality

Product Description

SS Honeycomb Conveyor Belt


Honeycomb conveyor belt is also known as flat wire belt, it is manufactured from CZPT rod and flat strip with welded edge, some with knuckled edge. Facet guard and flight is obtainable, really little maintaince is required. Prolonged belt daily life can be expected if utilised properly. Substance involves carbon metal, galvanized steel, SS304 and SS316. Typically utilised for cooling. Drying, bread production, washing, sorting system and many others.
Merchandise Screen


Design No. RF-07 Title Steel Wire Flat Conveyor
Materials Carbon metal, SUS 201 304 316 Plate thickness .8-3mm or tailored
Perforated hole diameter 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm, etc Width .2m to 4m
Chain pitch 19.05mm twenty five.4mm 31.75mm 38.1mm fifty.8mm seventy six.2mm or tailored Cross rod diameter 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm or customized
Size Tailored Certification ISO9001:2008
Benefit Simple and Excellent Security Coloration Silver
Specification Personalized Trademark RF
Transport Deal Box Pallet Custom-made Origin China


one. Positive drive, smooth running
two. Little pressure on wire mesh fabric
three. Stands temperature from -55 ºC to 1150 ºC
four. Side guard and flight are available
5.Material:carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, high temperature steel etc.


one. It can be the delivery of granular materials, can also be carried into the delivery of products.
2. Appropriate for high density transportation in tiny.
three. Easy movement, power
four. Handy installation and alternative, higher price, lengthy services lifestyle.

Remember to notice below Parameters below when you ask for a quotation:

1. Overall Size and Width
two. Spiral Pitch and Rod Pitch
four. Strip Thickness and Rod Diameter
five. Content

If you are not confident the parameters earlier mentioned, pls speak to us, we will give you the best tips.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Standard Export Package deal
Shipping and delivery: ten-twenty times soon after receiving the payment

Other Sorts

Business Info

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Runfeng Chain Transmission Products Co., Ltd provides a wide selection of types and specifications of conveyor belts to fit our customers’ specific software and boost method efficiencies. We supply conveyor belts for industries this sort of as Foods Processing, Textiles, Electronics, Agriculture, Automotive, and so on. Our Customer Provider Principle is Often Buyer Very first.

one. Q: How to verify the type?
    A: There are several methods for us to validate the variety:
        1) tell us the technical specs info.
        2) explain to us your needs as much more as attainable, and our engineers will give you the best recommendation and design and style the most suited merchandise. 
        3) send out us the images with dimensions.
        4) send us a small piece sample.
two. Q: What is the payment conditions?
    A:  We prefer T/T, but for some nations, we will also take L/C. So pls truly feel cost-free about the payment.
3. Q: When will supply the items?
    A: Generally, we will supply the goods inside of fifteen doing work days. And if the amount is huge, it will consider about 20-thirty working days.
4. Q: How long will the merchandise be utilized?
    A: The time is distinct differ the use and factory. But we can verify and make confident that our product can be used lengthier than any other 1 in China.
5. Q: Is the package deal strong ample for the lengthy transportation?
    A: Of course it is.
        By sea, we will pack every single piece into wood/ polywood box.
        By air, we will pack it by robust drinking water-evidence bag.

This type of chain is used in the initial stages of electrical power transmission growth. When the sprocket moves nearer to or absent from the teeth, noise is designed as the tooth rub towards the connecting rod. These kinds of chains are employed to some extent for low-velocity conveyor chains.
Silent chain, also identified as inverted tooth chain. It is created to eradicate the ill outcomes of stretching and generate a tranquil walk. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain boosts, the radius that the chainrings vacation over the sprocket teeth boosts a bit.