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China wholesaler Sharp Top Transfer Chains Conveyor Chain

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Product Description


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Comprehensive Product Portfolio We produce and supply a wide range of power transmission
products including drive chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, agricultural chains, sprockets, and
couplings. This one-store-for-all shopping experience will significantly reduce your searching costs while
guarantee youfind what you want at 1 click.

Value Choice Products Our products are the best combination of quality and price, and you get what
you want within your budgets

Seasoned Sales Associates and Engineers We have 15 seasoned sales associates and 5 engineers;
on our team at your disposal any time when you need a helping hand. They are well trained with industry
know-now and will always respond to your requests within 24 hours.

100% Customer Retention Rate Our regular customers from overseas come back not just for our
premium quality products, but for the superior services that we’ve provided over the years


Q1: What’s your average lead time?
A: It varies. Our regular end-to-end lead time is 1-2 months.. We also provide express shipments for rush orders. For details,please consult our sales associate.

Q2: Is your price better than your competitors given the same quality?
A: Definitely YES. We provide the most competitive price in the power transmission industry. If price disparity exists, we’ll be more than happy to do a price match.
Q3: Can you make chains according to my CAD drawings?
A: Yes. Besides the regular standard chains, we produce non-standard and custom-design products to meet the specific technical requirements. In reality, a sizable portion of our production capacity is assigned to make non-standard products.

Q4: Can we inspect the goods before shipment?
A: Yes. You or your representative or any third-party inspection party assigned is allowed access to our facility and do the inspection.

Q5: What kind of payment method is acceptable for your mill?
A: We’re flexible. We take T/T, L/C, or any other online payment methods so long as it’s applicable for you.

Q6: What if I have any other questions?
A: Whenever in doubt, you’re always encouraged to consult our sales associate any time – They will help you to your satisfaction.

Usage: Transportation Chain
Material: Alloy
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Feature: Oil Resistant
Chain Size: Customized
Structure: Top Chain


Customized Request

drive chain

Can a drive chain be used in a printing press or bindery application?

Yes, a drive chain can be used in a printing press or bindery application where precise and reliable power transmission is required. Here is a detailed explanation:

Printing presses and bindery equipment involve complex machinery that requires the efficient transfer of power to perform various functions such as paper feeding, cutting, folding, and binding. Drive chains offer several advantages in these applications:

  • Precision and Synchronization: Drive chains provide accurate and synchronized power transmission, allowing precise control over the movement of the printing press or bindery equipment. The interlocking design of the chain and sprockets ensures consistent and reliable performance, enabling precise registration of paper and precise execution of operations.
  • High Load Capacity: Printing presses and bindery equipment often handle large volumes of paper or materials, requiring a drive system capable of handling high loads. Drive chains are designed to withstand high load capacities, ensuring reliable power transmission and the ability to handle the demanding requirements of these applications.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation: Drive chains, when properly lubricated and maintained, provide smooth and quiet operation. This is crucial in printing and bindery applications where noise reduction is desired to create a comfortable working environment and minimize disturbances during operation.
  • Reliability and Durability: Drive chains are known for their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand continuous operation and the demands of high-speed printing and bindery processes. With proper maintenance, including lubrication and periodic inspection, drive chains can provide long service life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Compatibility with Variable Speeds: Printing presses and bindery equipment often require variable speeds to accommodate different printing or bindery processes. Drive chains can be easily integrated with variable speed drives, allowing precise control over the equipment’s speed and accommodating the specific requirements of each printing or bindery task.
  • Compact Design: Drive chains offer a compact and space-efficient solution for power transmission in printing presses and bindery equipment. The chain’s flexible design allows it to navigate around tight spaces and complex machine layouts, enabling efficient utilization of available space.
  • Customizability: Drive chains can be customized to meet the specific requirements of printing press and bindery applications. They can be designed with different pitches, widths, and attachments to suit the unique needs of each machine and its respective processes.

When selecting a drive chain for a printing press or bindery application, factors such as speed, load capacity, space limitations, and compatibility with the printing or bindery processes should be considered. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding installation, lubrication, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the drive chain.

By utilizing drive chains in printing presses and bindery equipment, operators can benefit from precise power transmission, high load capacity, smooth operation, reliability, durability, compatibility with variable speeds, compact design, and customization options, contributing to efficient and high-quality printing and bindery processes.

drive chain

Can a drive chain be used in a woodworking or sawmill application?

Yes, a drive chain can be used in woodworking and sawmill applications, where reliable power transmission and durability are essential. Here is a detailed explanation:

In woodworking and sawmill operations, machinery and equipment such as saws, planers, jointers, and conveyors are commonly used. Drive chains offer several advantages in these applications:

  • High Load Capacity: Drive chains are known for their high load-carrying capacity, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications commonly found in woodworking and sawmill operations. They can handle the significant forces and loads associated with cutting, shaping, and moving timber and lumber.
  • Durability and Reliability: Woodworking and sawmill environments can be demanding, with conditions such as sawdust, vibrations, impacts, and variable operating temperatures. Drive chains are designed to withstand these harsh conditions and provide reliable and durable power transmission even in rugged and demanding operating environments.
  • Precise Power Transmission: Drive chains offer precise power transmission, ensuring accurate and synchronized movement of the machinery components involved in woodworking and sawmill operations. This allows for consistent and reliable cutting, shaping, and material handling processes.
  • Customization Options: Drive chains can be customized to suit specific woodworking and sawmill applications. They are available in various sizes, pitches, and materials to accommodate different loads, speeds, and environmental conditions.
  • Compatibility with Auxiliary Components: Drive chains can be easily integrated with auxiliary components commonly used in woodworking and sawmill machinery, such as tensioners, guides, sprockets, and bearings. This allows for efficient and reliable power transmission throughout the entire system.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Drive chains offer a cost-effective solution for power transmission in woodworking and sawmill operations. They have a long service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower replacement costs compared to some alternative power transmission systems.

It is important to consider the specific requirements of the woodworking or sawmill application when selecting a drive chain. Factors such as load capacity, speed, environmental conditions, and maintenance considerations should be taken into account.

Regular maintenance, including inspection, lubrication, and tension adjustment, is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the drive chain in woodworking and sawmill applications.

By utilizing drive chains in woodworking and sawmill operations, operators can benefit from reliable power transmission, durability, and the ability to withstand the challenging conditions encountered in these industries, ultimately contributing to efficient and precise woodworking and lumber processing.

China wholesaler Sharp Top Transfer Chains Conveyor Chain  China wholesaler Sharp Top Transfer Chains Conveyor Chain
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China Professional Heavy Duty High Output Power Electrical Pallet Chain Conveyor System with Twin Chain, Pallet Roller Chain Transfer Conveyor Line System for Carton Box with Hot selling

Merchandise Description


Item Description

Ausim Pallet Conveyor use chain as CZPT to express materials with large transmission ability.

Largely utilised to transport pallets, big turnover box and so on. also can be utilised as assembly traces or transmission for content storage.


Chain Pallet Conveyor is typically used with each other with lifter, curve conveyor, pallet selection machine to sort accomplished set of logistic transmission program, so that can finish item from raw supplies to the creation, assembly, finished item storage and supply and so on.
Chain Pallet Conveyor body use aluminum or carton metal, with function of straightforward structure, effortless maintenance, lower use and reduced value.

Chain conveyor conveying products in pallet types ,is composed of body assembly, travel assembly, support, chain and guard rail assembly etc. Motor on drive frame drives chain on each sides by generate shaft assembly. Chain is running alongside the tracking on body. There is chain tensioning unit on push frame. Steel or aluminum is obtainable for frame material.

    Standard chain conveyor employs 10B-2 double row straight chain. Select formed metal for standard guard rail. In specific situations, it can be special guard rail according to functioning condition specifications.

    Help utilizes welded or bolted help. Adjustable foot is mounted at the bottom for top adjustment within the assortment of ±30mm. Distance amongst supports is established by operating issue, typically it is between 800-1500mm.

Solution Parameters

Set up way



600/800/a thousand/1200mm or customized



Driven variety

Sign chain wheel/Double chain wheel

Chain variety

Signal sprocket chain/ Double sprocket chain


Carton metal


If you want other non-common specification size, pls get in touch with with our income freely.

Our pallet conveyors include corrosion resistant zinc plated rollers with a close-spaced roller pitch which offers clean pallet motion. By reducing the bouncing, bumping and vibrating brought on by common 4″ roller pitches our systems minimize slipsheet usage which interprets into value cost savings and more rapidly cycle instances at the palletizer.

Our pallet conveyor solution line also consists of a full selection of pallet dispensers.

Our solitary supply method to turnkey conveyor remedies involves assessing, planning, specifying, production, programming, integrating, screening, installing, commissioning and handing-off creation prepared packaging strains. The broad scope of our obligation reduces risk for the consumer and frees-up their key personnel to target on acquiring concluded product out the door.

The Ausim conveyor group includes very trained engineers and venture professionals specializing in conveyor techniques. They produce engineering expertise supported by packaging line layout tools and conveying system integration know-how to each task.

Our conveyor design and conveyor manufacturing capabilities are globe course, and the components of design and conveyor elements employed in our techniques are 2nd to none.


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Company Profile

Ausim Automation Technology (ZheJiang )Co.Ltd, which is found at Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Sector Zone, ZheJiang , closed to wonderful Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ao transportation hubs, lies north to the breathtaking SHangZhou Scenic Region, Site visitors in handy and strategic place, we are the most skilled producing in shrink wrapper, carton sealer and erector , pallet wrapping equipment which merged with R & D, production, revenue and services as 1 of the CZPT enterprises.. always go after the “quality initial, the trustworthiness of the 1st” business purposes, and consistently respected “folks-oriented, technology leadership, services-oriented” CZPT company management philosophy. Increase technological expertise, update manufacturing tools, develop new goods is our pursuit of the goal. All personnel to perform, innovation, integrity, and jointly set a stable industry, increase the company image. The company introduced innovative expertise and engineering, impartial analysis and growth, manufacturing and transformation of the designs secure efficiency, superb top quality, consumer-helpful operation, the merchandise are extensively employed .Become the domestic and foreign consumers reliable companion.


The surroundings in which the roller chain is used and the operate it performs will impact which roller chain is employed and how typically you will need to replace it. Relaxation certain that roller chains are one particular of the most effective and successful choices for electricity transmission and transportation purposes. You will find roller chains most frequently utilised for mechanical power transmission in industrial equipment and item conveyance during production amenities. Common Industries: Foodstuff, Beverage, Supplies, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Construction, Mining
This type of chain is employed in the original levels of electricity transmission advancement. When the sprocket moves nearer to or away from the teeth, sounds is designed as the enamel rub in opposition to the connecting rod. These kinds of chains are utilised to some extent for reduced-speed conveyor chains.