Full Automatic Complete Sets Rice Mill Plant Rice Milling Machine in Philippines

Full Automatic Complete Sets Rice Mill Plant  Rice Milling Machine in Philippines

Programs and Features:
6LN-15/15SD complete set of merged rice milling equipment is composed of TQLQ45 merged trash and stone removing device, 6-inch rubber roller grain huller, grain separator, emery roller rice mill, damaged rice separator, lifting unit, etc. It has exceptional brown rice separation and whitening result, simple procedure, convenient servicing, substantial operate performance, and minimal residue this machine has brown rice straight out perform, which offers consumers with adaptable function matching. At the same time, this equipment can be matched with subsequent White rice multi-phase separation sieve, sprucing equipment, shade sorter, etc. get far more functions and far better rice sharpening effect.

Main CZPT Performance Indicators:

Model 6LN-fifteen/15SD
Rated output (kg/h) seven-hundred-900 
Matching electricity (kW) 19.87-24.sixty two
Rice output fee sixty eight-seventy two%
Small damaged rice charge 2%
Equipment bodyweight (kg) 1250
Working dimension (length×width×height) (mm) 3400×1500×2900 

Product Demonstrate:

1, Distinctive combination cleansing and stone elimination equipment

Individual design for cleaning and eliminating stones, the use result is significantly far better than the standard built-in style
The cleansing portion adopts a multi-layer reciprocating shaker system, which has high cleaning effectiveness and clear up
The stone eliminating part adopts a massive air quantity suction design and style, with big air quantity and outstanding stone eliminating effect
High-strength vibration-absorbing bearing configuration, the device human body moves effortlessly, is firm and trustworthy, has minimal vibration, low sound and low dust.

2, Efficient shell-breaking, reduced-sounds hulling equipment

The dual-assist cell gearbox hulling machine integrates the path-modifying gearbox and the cellular limited roller device into 1, avoiding the dilemma of coordination and cooperation of swing gears
The one particular-time shelling fee exceeds 90%
The rubber roller has a for a longer time existence, convenient procedure and adjustment, substantial transmission efficiency, reduced sounds and high stability.

3, Innovative sturdy drawing wind sand roller
crushing mill

The emery roller rice mill adopts a large-diameter hollow principal shaft and an innovative “sand roll whitening” style
Strong wind blower, rice temperature is minimal, rice output is cleaner, and effectively enhance the gloss of rice and minimize the fee of broken rice
The procedure top is decreased, the procedure is more hassle-free, and the daily routine maintenance is convenient.

4, Stable Gravity Tough Separation Monitor

Large display screen surface area design, quick separation pace, uniform distribution
The horizontal and vertical angles of the monitor area can be altered to adapt to all kinds of rice, and the screening impact is good
Much less hulling, effectively lowering broken rice. price.

Method movement chart:

Manufacturing facility Pictures:

Pre-Income Services:
one. Inquiry and consulting assist
two. Sample screening help
3. See our Factory

Soon after-Income Service:
one.pay the double air tickets, accommodation and food. Our technicists can assist you in neighborhood area
2.According to the requirement of the buyer, our company sends engineers for installation and commissioning in buyer’s site including the training of skills of buyer’s workers on operation, maintenance, etc.
3.Supply the solutions for distinct farming surroundings.
four. For the damage caused by the users, our company provides the parts and accessories with cost price.
5. Our factory supplies the wearing parts with the cost price to clients.

Package deal&Transport:
Goods will be completed in 15-20 working times right after payment. It is dependent on your purchase amount. And the shipping time to the port is about one-two days


Full Automatic Complete Sets Rice Mill Plant  Rice Milling Machine in Philippines