Turning Roller Conveyor Turning Conveyor Drum Turning Machine Automatic Sorting Machine

Turning Roller Conveyor Turning Conveyor Drum Turning Machine Automatic Sorting Machine


                            Turning roller conveyor Turning conveyor/drum turning machine Automated sorting machine

        product presentation:
Belt turning machine
Turning belt operating deviation prevention with special supporter belt roller (bearing addition polymerization formaldehyde POM) or higher-frequency welding manual steel made outdoors of the conveyor belt conveyor belt working in a devoted rail, roller adopts special cone variety deal glue roller, turning belt conveyor can transportation assortment of supplies, can transport a variety of bulk materials, also can transportation all kinds of cartons, baggage and so on for modest parts of products, broad variety of Uses

Belt turning equipment relevant scope:
Commonly used in logistics, beverage, electronics, tobacco and other industries, we can choose a more compact diameter of the drum, so that the corner link more practical, best answer to the transition problem.The equipment is ideal for all kinds of generation line, modest and medium-sized products logistics transport, electrical power system utilizing frequency conversion pace regulation system, stable efficiency, risk-free and dependable, straightforward procedure.The linear speed is usually thirty meters per minute.

The belt turning device developed by our manufacturing facility can be divided into 180 degree belt turning machine, 90 degree belt turning device, forty five degree belt turning machine, chain plate turning machine, roller turning machine, net belt turning equipment and so on. It has the attributes of steady delivery, easy procedure, convenient routine maintenance and sturdy leather-based.
Each and every customer’s items has its personal attributes, so buyers in the custom turning device/belt turning machine, belt conveyor turning should be according to their very own merchandise attributes of major parameters give us the pursuing information:
1, the conveying Angle turning machine (this kind of as 360 degrees turn equipment, a hundred and eighty levels flip, 90 degrees switch equipment, turning device 45 levels).
2, the dynamic program of turning machine, it is to belong to CZPT power variety turning device still require motor travel variety turning equipment.
3, regardless of whether turning machine products in high humidity, large temperature, the outcomes of chemical substances and other particular operation surroundings
four,, turning what was at the bottom of the device to send items
5.How significantly bodyweight is about one supply items
6, the size of the turning device require to transport products, how much is the top and width, respectively

Our Pre-sale Service:
1.Providing complete specialized and company consultation companies
two.Proposing th e most suited plan and equipment for our clientele
three.Creating and fabricating targeted products according to the special specifications of clients 
4.Training periodically higher competent service technician.

Our consumer visiting:

Our loading and transportation:

Our soon after-sales Service: 

one.Very inspecting equipments in every single working process, quality comes first
two.Rapidly & Safe Delivery 
three.Aiding our consumers for basis construction of equipments
four.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments
5.Education the initial-line operators on site
six. Regularly go to clientele to remedy production issues Supplying lifestyle-extended maintenance service 
seven.Offering technological exchanging.
1:Q: what is the MOQ for your machines?
   A:Our MOQ  is one set.
two:Q:How need to to do if  I satisfy some difficulties even though utilizing?
   A:The English guide e-book and online video will be offer for exhibiting how to solve the troubles, if necessary, we will dispatch our engineer to your factory.
3:Q:Do you offer the set up services right after buying your machines?
  A:As for the solitary equipment, we offer the users instruction and procedure video clip.
  As for the production line,we provide the expert building drawing, and prepare the engineer information the person install the devices.Assist the consumer train the skilled employees.
4:Q:Can we pay a visit to your factory for machine tests functions?
   A:We warmly welcome the consumers to browsing our manufacturing unit for making an attempt equipment.

Turning Roller Conveyor Turning Conveyor Drum Turning Machine Automatic Sorting Machine