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Solution Description

Tube chain conveyor is a ongoing conveyor unit with adaptable driving part, it is in the content channel with sealed sleek and rectangle and tubular area,by implies of the thrust power from the mobile chain disc,make the materials and chain disc to be a continuous complete to convey.

Primary framework
Tube chain conveyor is consist of tube body,chain disc,head wheel and tail wheel,feed inlet and discharge outlet,travel system and tension system.
Operating principle
Tube chain conveyor is a ongoing convey gadget for conveying bulk substance,this sort of as powder,little granule and small lump,in the sealed tube channel,consider the substance go along the tube channel by making use of chain piece for drive part
 (1)Horizontally conveying
When conveying horizontally,material granule experience the thrust from the path of movement.When the friction among the substance layers is even bigger than the outer friction from tube wall ,the  metrial  will shift ahead then type the secure content stream by chain disc.
 (2)Vertically conveying
When conveying vertically,the material granule in the tube experience the upper thrust from chain disc,as down substance feeding prevent the upper content glissade,lead to the lateral aspect compression,enhance the materials inner friction.When the internal friction between the substance layers is even bigger than the friction from the inside tube and out wall and the self bodyweight of the content,the content will express upper by the chain disc ,type the ongoing content stream.
Tube chain conveyor ever been shown to the picked design standarized scheme of powder-producing,oil-producing and storage device in our region,and be the chosen item in a lot of sector enterprise ,the major features as belows:
1,Compact affirmation,mild excess weight,little area,hassle-free for production,putting in,using and maintaining
2,Discharge outlet do not want setup the dust catcher,it can fill with gas when conveying materials.
three,The material will convey alongside the tube efficiently,the substance breakage is little,curved conduit conveying gradually will make extremely little substance granule result in oddment.
4,Reduced consumption and most economic managing expense,the whole program generate only by 1 motor.
five,The technique do not lead to blockage and suited for numerous sorts morphological content.

Main Complex Parameters

layout of tube chain conveyor


                                                    Undertaking Scenario


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