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China high quality Chain Stitch High Speed Mattress Tape Edge Machine with Free Design Custom

Solution Description

This Mattress tape edge Sewing Equipment is largely used for tape-edging of mattress panel, fabric and side bordering edge material amongst the seam.

The sewing device head can modify CZPT and reduce. The stitching equipment head raised and lowered can be altered According the the mattress thinckness. For that reason, all variety mattresses are suitable for this mattress tape edge stitching device
We supply a wide selection of sewing head for choose. Consequently, You can pick a most ideal stitching head for yours:

  • Singer Head
  • Typica Head
  • JUKI Head
  • Chinese Stitching Head

Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Equipment Functions

  • Doing work desk with automatic adjustment perform (Up and down)
  • This mattress sewing equipment can be altered (Up and down)
  • Mattress thickness (Beneath 55cm)
  • Design for producing the thickner mattresses.
  • Can pick different equipment head
  • Corner stitching effectively, corner speed modified computerized.
  • The sewing head is fix and the operator no want to transfer all around the mattress.
  • The sewing head can go up and down to adapt various thickness of mattresses and tilting of sewing head is adjustable.
  • The worktable adopts conveyor to travel mattress for sewing.
  • When 1 facet is end, this machine can turn 90° immediately to sew another aspect. The sewing of corner is complete while turning.
  • When the top 4 sides are complete taping, it can car flip the mattress to sew the other 4 sides.
  • Entirely automated makes working efficiency considerably increased and considerably less labor.

    Mattress Tape Edge Stitching Device Parameter

    Stitching Thickness 30-four hundred mm
    Operating desk Lifting Range -350 mm
    Functioning desk Dimension 3800X2000X870mm
    Air Provide (.7-1.) Mpa
    Machine Dimensions 3800*2650*2400 mm
    Whole Bodyweight 1300kg
    Overall Power 3KW
    Potential 18 units/h
    Electricity three-Section,380V/50HZ
    Issue New

    If you need a lot more tape edge stitching device details, please contact us.

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China Custom Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Machine Chain Stitch Needle Pocket Spring Roll-Packing Packaging wholesaler

Solution Description

Tape edge device WB-4A Stitching device BQ-52 Pocket spring device SX-80is
item/LotnbajlHXcg/China-Automated-Mattress-Tape-Edge-Equipment-WB-4A-.html item/CyEQqdNvkiWr/China-Bq-52-Automated-Mattress-Border-Quilter-Machine.html item/iCVxkPlSEoWc/China-Computerized-Large-Speed-Bonnell-Spring-Coilling-Equipment.html
Quilting device HY-W-JH Heavy duty flanging device SB-70 LP-KP-25P
item/xyuQwjerngVo/China-Computerized-Shuttleless-Multi-Needle-Quilting-Device-HY-W-JH-.html product/ISjxvnWOEmcK/China-Juki-Head-Stitching-Flanging-Stiching-Serging-Equipment-for-Mattress-Foam-Mattress-SB-70-.html item/FNhmleMdQgVv/China-Complete-Automated-Mattress-Rolling-and-Packing-Equipment-LR-KP-25P-.html

Solution Description:
WB-4A Computerized Mattress Tape Edge Device is mostly used for taping edge of mattress panel and soft cushion. It bears the pursuing characteristics:
Instead than relocating all around, the head is mounted but can shift up and down to adapt to different top of mattress. The obliquity of the head is adjustable.
When working, the conveying belt drives the mattress to continue, When 1 facet is finished, the machine can swerve 90° Instantly to begin taping yet another aspect. The taping of the corner is concluded while swerving. When the leading 4 sides are completed, the equipment can overturn the mattress for taping the other 4 sides.
This device wants only 1 operator and there is no want for him to move all around or overturn the mattress manually. Therefore larger performance and much less labor is recognized.

Complex Attributes:
1, Featuring the large-responsibility 300U Chain stitch sewing head and variable velocity control, the TapeMaster is capable of taping all sizes of mattresses from crib to king.
2, Specifically designed for present-day heavy premium and pillowtop mattresses, the high-velocity head sews up to 3000 RPM.
three, The operator stays in a stationary stitching position while wide managed conveyor belts go the mattress. The patented compression and turning devices constructed into the equipment deliver the mattress to the stitching head.
4, The process is further automated by the CZPT layout that turns and flips the mattress in preparing for taping the other aspect.

Specialized specification:

Product WB-4A
Productivity 18 models/h
Thickness  Of  Mattress 60-350mm/a hundred and fifty-430mm
Head  Lifting  Range a hundred twenty five-450mm
Sewing  head Singer 300U  Chain  stitch
Table  Dimension 2000*3950*900mm
Total  Power 3KW
Power  Supply 220V/380V,   50HZ,   3-Phase
Air  Supply (.7-1.)Mpa
Machine  weight 1300KG

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