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China Custom 5 Inch Double Shaft Low Speed High Torque Motor Hub with Solid Tire with Free Design Custom

Product Description

What is hub motor?

The wheel hub motor (also named wheel motor, wheel hub drive, hub motor or in-wheel motor) is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of a wheel and drives it directly

Parameter for 5 inch hub motors

Location of Origin ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
Certification CE
Commutation Brushless
Defend Characteristic Watertight IP54
Ongoing Existing(A) 1.3-12.4A
Performance IE four
Sound 55db
Motor variety  Brushless DC Motor
Usage Property Appliance, robotics, electric powered scooter, e-bicycle, and so forth.
Pace(RPM) Max 600(r/min)
Voltage DC 24V/36V
Power MAX:250W
Speed MAX:6-8km/h
Diameter with tire 130mm
Brake EBS brake
Tire strong rubber tire
Weight 2.5KG with tire
Cable 3 motor section , 5 hall sensor
Color silver 

Motor period line
Very first stage:  U.  thick inexperienced wire
Next section:  V.  thick blue wire
Third section:  W.  thick yellow wire

Hall sensor
Positive pole: +5V red wire
Negative pole: GND black wire
First phase:  A(Uu).  thin inexperienced wire
Next period:  B(Vv).  slender blue wire
3rd section:  C(Ww).  slim yellow wire


We have motor from min 3 inch(70mm) to max 15 inch (380mm), all water-proof and minimal sounds, high quality with great price
We supply both one shaft and double shaft for all motors
We also provide motor developed-in 1571ppr incremental encoder



1. Manufacturing unit or trader?
    We are factory, the source of the source chain.
2. Hub motor Shipping time?
    Sample: 5 days.  Bulk order: 7-twenty five times.
3. Why pick us?
* Manufacturing unit Value & 24/7 right after-sale companies.
* 3 more top quality test ahead of merchandise depart manufacturing facility.
* Lengthy life, sturdy and multi-software.
* Self Safety system avoids damage when overloaded or abruptly stoped.
* High effectiveness and substantial torque offered in small diameter.
* All products are created in accordance to ISO 9001, CE, ROHS, CCC, UL and GS specifications.

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