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China manufacturer Competitive price Agricultural spare parts hub with high quality

Agricultural spare parts hub has the best selection of Ever power for your farm machinery needs. With the largest selection of Ever power, you will never run out of options to keep your farm operating at its best. This article will provide you with some important tips on buying spare parts from a reputable company. If you need an exact replacement for your agricultural machinery, you can find it in the Ever power spare parts hub for agricultural machinery. The company produces a full range of agricultural machinery parts including engines, differentials, gearboxes, cabs, electrical components, and various attachments. The driver’s cabin dampers on agricultural machinery are vital components that allow the vehicle to operate smoothly over loose ground and rough dirt tracks. They contribute to driver comfort and performance, as they reduce strain and improve driving safety. Torsion and torque dampers prevent peaks in engine torque, and fan clutches provide engine cooling. Ever power offers a range of driver’s cabin dampers to help agricultural machinery run smoothly and efficiently.

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We Also Supply PTO Shafts & Agricultural Gearboxes

If you also need the PTO shafts, click here:https://www.ever-power.net/pto-drive-shaft/

We Also Supply Agricultural Gearboxes

Company Information

You may need gearboxes, hydraulic cylinders or a trailer hitch to get all your machines running and ready when you start working your fields. We at HZPT will ensure your agricultural needs are met, providing you with equipment and parts that are suitable for your agricultural application. We’re proud to offer over 6,000 parts in stock, so you can be sure we’ll have damaged parts in need of replacement. Whether you need hitch pins, blades, tines, PTO shafts, bale spears, disc bearings, roller chains, Caroni lawn mower parts or sprayers. Even treat yourself to a brand new tractor seat for a more comfortable and comfortable work day.

HZPT TRANSMISSION GROP, referred to as HZPT for short, Hzpt is a subsidiary of ever power,is a Chinese auto and agricultural machinery parts manufacturer, we do not produce agricultural machinery, we produce replacement parts for agricultural machinery. We have been established for more than 20 years and have a wealth of experience and expertise. With continuous development, ever-power group has become a globally recognized leader in the automotive and agricultural machinery parts industry. Currently, our products are exported all over the world, including Asia Pacific, South America and Europe.

China best Factory OEM Steel Hard Teeth Roller Chain Sprocket CZPT Hub near me manufacturer

Product Description

Company kind

Company & Exporter

Main export marketplace

Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Center East, Africa


Alloy Steel, Carbon Metal, Stainless Metal,Aluminum, Copper, Brass

Producing strategy

Cast and then machined, hobbed, if need to have can also weld

Warmth treatment

Hardening and Tempering, Higher Frequency Quenching, Carburizing Quenching

Area treatment

Oxide black, Galvanized, Nickel plated, Chrome plated,Painted and so on


ANSI: twenty five/35/41/40/fifty/sixty/eighty/100/a hundred and twenty/a hundred and forty/one hundred sixty/one hundred eighty/200/240




Forging, Hobbing, Precision machining




Type A sprockets :Plate (without having Hub)

Kind B sprockets:1 aspect with hub

Kind C sprockets: Double aspect with hub

Completed bore sprockets:With the inner gap ,keyway and screw

1.Quickly shipping: Normal items can be delivered in as fast as twenty days
2.Great service: timely reply, prompt quotation, responsible for the solution
3.High cost overall performance: can sustain price balance for a certain period of time, bringing higher income to clients
four.Excellent good quality: creation and testing have corresponding supervision to guarantee item quality and get high praise from customers
5.OEM provider: products can be customized according to drawings and requirements

We are liable for the ordered items. We are very self-assured in the items we make. Of system, if you have any difficulties soon after acquiring the products, you can make contact with us straight. We will verify and negotiate in time to fix your difficulties.


Like all of our roller chains, our one-strand roller chains are warmth dipped to ensure one hundred% lubricated elements and heat taken care of to boost use resistance. Our scorching dip lubrication strategy ensures that every one strand roller chain operates at maximum capability and use existence for as prolonged as attainable. EP Chain proudly gives highly resilient one chain roller chains for your comfort. Every single of our single-strand roller chains is preloaded throughout the production approach, properly lowering original elongation following you obtain your item. You will locate our one-strand roller chains used in a selection of programs, such as the foods market or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we understand that downtime can imply misplaced enterprise and income. Our one-strand roller chains are the missing link your company requirements to hold equipment and everyday functions operating efficiently.
Whether you are constructing from scratch or updating an current task, obtaining the appropriate size for your roller chain is a critical very first decision. To accurately measure a roller chain, you want to know the general width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and top.

China Custom 5 Inch Double Shaft Low Speed High Torque Motor Hub with Solid Tire with Free Design Custom

Product Description

What is hub motor?

The wheel hub motor (also named wheel motor, wheel hub drive, hub motor or in-wheel motor) is an electric motor that is incorporated into the hub of a wheel and drives it directly

Parameter for 5 inch hub motors

Location of Origin ZheJiang , China (Mainland)
Certification CE
Commutation Brushless
Defend Characteristic Watertight IP54
Ongoing Existing(A) 1.3-12.4A
Performance IE four
Sound 55db
Motor variety  Brushless DC Motor
Usage Property Appliance, robotics, electric powered scooter, e-bicycle, and so forth.
Pace(RPM) Max 600(r/min)
Voltage DC 24V/36V
Power MAX:250W
Speed MAX:6-8km/h
Diameter with tire 130mm
Brake EBS brake
Tire strong rubber tire
Weight 2.5KG with tire
Cable 3 motor section , 5 hall sensor
Color silver 

Motor period line
Very first stage:  U.  thick inexperienced wire
Next section:  V.  thick blue wire
Third section:  W.  thick yellow wire

Hall sensor
Positive pole: +5V red wire
Negative pole: GND black wire
First phase:  A(Uu).  thin inexperienced wire
Next period:  B(Vv).  slender blue wire
3rd section:  C(Ww).  slim yellow wire


We have motor from min 3 inch(70mm) to max 15 inch (380mm), all water-proof and minimal sounds, high quality with great price
We supply both one shaft and double shaft for all motors
We also provide motor developed-in 1571ppr incremental encoder



1. Manufacturing unit or trader?
    We are factory, the source of the source chain.
2. Hub motor Shipping time?
    Sample: 5 days.  Bulk order: 7-twenty five times.
3. Why pick us?
* Manufacturing unit Value & 24/7 right after-sale companies.
* 3 more top quality test ahead of merchandise depart manufacturing facility.
* Lengthy life, sturdy and multi-software.
* Self Safety system avoids damage when overloaded or abruptly stoped.
* High effectiveness and substantial torque offered in small diameter.
* All products are created in accordance to ISO 9001, CE, ROHS, CCC, UL and GS specifications.

Chain pitch: refers to the length between the hinge centre of 1 chain url and the hinge heart corresponding to the adjacent chain website link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle the place the center of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped around the ball. The hinge facilities of the chain and the circles drawn via these facilities are named pitch circles, and their diameters are called pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilised to repeatedly elevate and convey content at a speed of 2 m/s. There are two types of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This type of conveyor chain is used for power transmission between conveyors of shorter lengths. Closed chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, solid and shaped, with high power soon after warmth remedy.
Listed here are some positive aspects of chain drives above belt and gear drives: They can be employed for lengthy and short distances. Numerous axles, are pushed by chains. They are compact and have a tiny general dimension, so even in the celebration of a fireplace, you won’t encounter any bad troubles. Temperature and ambient circumstances do not impact its operation. Chain drives do not demand first rigidity. They are extremely effective (up to 96%) and have no slip and creep for the duration of transmission, ensuring a perfect equipment ratio. Chain push, straightforward to set up. Chain drives are minimal servicing, stand up to abrasive situations and function in moist situations

China wholesaler Standard Aluminium Pulley with Hub near me supplier

Item Description

CZPT Equipment provides a vast selection of large top quality Timing Belt Pulleys and Toothed Bars/ Timing Bars.  Standard and non-common pulleys according to drawings are obtainable.

Varieties of materials:
  1. AlCuMgPb 6061 6082 Aluminum Timing Pulley
  2. C45E 1045 S45C Carbon Steel Timing Pulley
  3. GG25 HT250 Cast Iron Timing Pulley
  4. SUS303 SUS304 AISI431 Stainless Metal Timing Pulley
  5. Other materials on demand from customers,  these kinds of as cooper,  bronze and plastic
Varieties of surface area therapy
 1.  Anodized floor -Aluminum Pulleys
 2.  Hard anodized surface — Aluminum Pulleys
 3.  Black Oxidized area — Steel Pulleys
 4. Zinc plated floor — Steel Pulleys
 5. Chromate surface — Steel Pulleys Cast Iron Pulleys
 6. Nickel plated floor –Metal Pulleys Cast Iron Pulleys
Types of teeth profile

Tooth Profile Pitch
HTD 3M,5M,8M,14M,20M
AT AT5,AT10,AT20
T T2.5,T5,T10
MXL .08″(2.032MM)
XL 1/5″(5.08MM)
L three/8″(9.525MM)
H 1/2″(12.7MM)
XH 7/8″(22.225MM)
XXH one 1/4″(31.75MM)

Sorts of pitches and measurements

Imperial Inch Timing Belt Pulley,
one.     Pilot Bore MXL571 for 6.35mm timing belt teeth variety from 16 to seventy two
two.  Pilot Bore XL037 for 9.53mm timing belt enamel variety from 10 to 72
3.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore L050 for 12.7mm timing belt tooth amount from 10 to one hundred twenty
4.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore L075 for 19.05mm timing belt tooth number from ten to one hundred twenty
five.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore L100 for 25.4mm timing belt tooth variety from 10 to one hundred twenty
six.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H075 for 19.05mm timing belt enamel quantity from 14 to fifty
7.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H100 for twenty five.4mm timing belt enamel number from 14 to 156
eight.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H150 for 38.1mm timing belt tooth variety from 14 to 156
9.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H200 for 50.8mm timing belt tooth number from 14 to 156
ten.  Pilot Bore, Taper Bore H300 for seventy six.2mm timing belt tooth number from fourteen to 156
11.  Taper Bore XH200 for fifty.8mm timing belt enamel number from eighteen to one hundred twenty
12.  Taper Bore XH300 for 76.2mm timing belt tooth number from eighteen to a hundred and twenty
thirteen.  Taper Bore XH400 for a hundred and one.6mm timing belt tooth quantity from eighteen to a hundred and twenty

Metric Timing Belt Pulley T and AT
1.  Pilot Bore T2.5-16 for 6mm timing belt enamel quantity from twelve to 60 
2.   Pilot Bore T5-21 for 10mm timing belt tooth amount from ten to 60 
three.   Pilot Bore T5-27 for 16mm timing belt teeth amount from 10 to 60 
4.   Pilot Bore T5-36 for 25mm timing belt enamel quantity from 10 to 60 
5.   Pilot Bore T10-31 for 16mm timing belt tooth variety from 12 to 60 
6.   Pilot Bore T10-40 for 25mm timing belt teeth number from 12 to 60 
7.   Pilot Bore T10-47 for 32mm timing belt tooth quantity from eighteen to 60 
8.   Pilot Bore T10-66 for 50mm timing belt teeth quantity from 18 to 60
nine.  Pilot Bore AT5-21 for 10mm timing belt enamel number from 12 to 60
10. Pilot Bore AT5-27 for 16mm timing belt tooth number from 12 to sixty
11. Pilot Bore AT5-36 for 25mm timing belt enamel amount from twelve to 60 
twelve. Pilot Bore AT10-31 for 16mm timing belt enamel variety from fifteen to 60 
thirteen. Pilot Bore AT10-40 for 25mm timing belt enamel variety from 15 to 60 
14. Pilot Bore AT10-47 for 32mm timing belt enamel amount from eighteen to 60 
15. Pilot Bore AT10-66 for 50mm timing belt teeth number from 18 to 60
Metric Timing Belt Pulley HTD3M, 5M, 8M, 14M 
one.  HTD3M-06 3M-09 3M-15 teeth amount from 10 to 72 
two.  HTD5M-09 5M-fifteen 5M-twenty five enamel quantity from twelve to 72 
three.  HTD8M-20 8M-thirty 8M-fifty 8M-eighty five teeth quantity from 22 to 192 
four.  HTD14M-forty 14M-fifty five 14M-eighty five 14M-a hundred and fifteen 14M-a hundred and seventy teeth amount from 28-216 
five.  Taper Bore HTD5M-fifteen 8M-twenty 8M-30 8M-fifty 8M-eighty five 14M-40 14M-fifty five 14M-eighty five
         14M-a hundred and fifteen 14M-170

Metric Timing Belt Pulleys for CZPT Chain GT2 Belts 
one.      PCGT8M-12 PCGT8M-21 PCGT8M-36 PCGT8M-62 
2.      PCGT14M-twenty PCGT14M-37 PCGT14M-sixty eight PCGT14M-90 PCGT14M-125

Power Grip CZPT Tooth/ PGGT 2GT, 3GT and 5GT 
1. 2GT-06, 2GT-09 for timing belt width 6mm and 9mm 
two. 3GT-09, 3GT-fifteen for timing belt width 9mm and 15mm 
3. 5GT-15, 5GT-25 for timing belt width 15mm and 25mm

OMEGA RPP HTD Timing Pulleys 
1.   RPP3M-06 3M-09 3M-15 tooth quantity from ten to 72 
2.   RPP5M-09 5M-15 5M-twenty five enamel number from 12 to 72 
three.   RPP8M-twenty 8M-thirty 8M-50 8M-85 teeth variety from 22 to 192 
four.   RPP14M-40 14M-55 14M-85 14M-one hundred fifteen 14M-a hundred and seventy teeth variety from 28-216 
five.  Taper Bore RPP5M-fifteen 8M-twenty 8M-30 8M-50 8M-85 14M-40 14M-fifty five 14M-85
     14M-a hundred and fifteen 14M-one hundred seventy

Uncover the roller chain at EP, which has a wider waist plate to support have heavier masses on conveyor belts, wire rod devices, printing presses and a lot of other industrial purposes. Roller chains are completely interchangeable and pre-lubricated to assist minimize elongation. Choose solitary or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to aid stop rust and chemical corrosion.
The drive chain is utilized to transmit mechanical electrical power when the axle distance is brief. These chains have efficient lubrication. There are the subsequent three types of power transmission chains. Slider or Bushing Chain Bushing Roller Chain Quiet Chain