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China high quality China Factory of Roller X458 Drive Chain Steel Forging Chain and Industry Transmission Conveyor Drag Standard Chain with Forged Link Cast Carbon Steel Chain

Product Description

About Factory 

With more than 18 years’ histiory, we are a professinal manufacturer for drop forged products such as forged chain (X348 X458 X658 X678 X698 F100 F160), scraper chain (10160, 14218, 14226, 142N), conveyor trolley (X348, X458, X678, XT160), and drive chain (X348, X458, X678), and so forth standard moulds of chain. 

Besides, we can also produce as per your drawing or sample, special link chain, pusher, pin and plate, according to customers’ unique requirements.

Product Description

1) Material: Alloy steel, 40Cr, 42CrMo and so on.
2) Types: Standard types, X348 X458 X678, and so on. (Or as per your drawing)
3) Process: Moulding→Forging→Polishing & Blasting→Fine machining→Heat treatment→Blasting→Inspecting & testing→Packing

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Technical Data

Model Dimension Weight (Kg) Material Hardness Working Load (KN) Limit Load (KN)
10160B 101.6 24 36 13 14 6 14 0.32 20CrMnTi Surface HRC56-64°    
Depth 0.6-1.2mm
18 100
10160 101.6 30 36 13 14.5 9 14 0.36 20CrMnTi Surface HRC56-64°     Depth 0.6-1.2mm 21.6 120
14218 142 42 50 19 20.5 11 25 1.15 20CrMnTi Surface HRC56-64°     Depth 0.6-1.2mm 48.6 270
14226 142 62 50 28 30 15 25 1.75 20CrMnTi Surface HRC56-64°     Depth 0.6-1.2mm 61.2 340
2571 200 66 60 30 32 18 30 2.8 20CrMnTi Surface HRC56-64°     Depth 0.6-1.2mm 72 400
26014 260 70 75 31 33 20 34 5.2 20CrMnTi Surface HRC56-64°     Depth 0.6-1.2mm 135 750
142N 142 43 50 19 22 12.5 25 1.2 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 75.6 420
150D 142 42 50 19 20.5 11 25 1.15 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 75.6 420
MG20 200 70 50 27 29 17 35 3.78 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 144 800
MG20B 200 70 50 27 29 17 30 3.82 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 140.4 780
MG20C 200 70 50 27 29 17 28 3.85 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 122.4 680
MS32 200 42 50 20 22 12 25 1.4 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 75.6 420
MS55 200 80 70 35 38 25 28 4.36 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 138.6 770
3006 200 65 70 30 33 24 32 3.6 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 160.2 890
MS63 250 70 80 30 33 20 32 4.93 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 147.6 820
S16 100 30 27 15 16 8 14 0.3 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 16 88
S20 125 34 33 17 18 8 17 0.37 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 19.4 108
S25 160 48 39 23 25 13 20 1.28 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 55.8 310
S30 142 46 49 22 23.5 14 25 1.3 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 91.8 510
Z16 100 40 35 18 20 12 17 0.4 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 32.4 180
Z20 125 50 46 24 26 15 20 0.67 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 59.4 330
Z20D 125 52 60 24 26 16 26 1.15 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 82.8 460
Z25 160 58 55 28 30 18 25 2.25 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 82.8 460
Z25D 160 66 64 29 31 22 28 2.6 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 120.6 670
Z30 142 64 50 29 30.5 18 25 1.8 40Cr Quench HRC36-44° 111.6 620

Products & Testing Equipments

Products Application

Packing & Delivery

Why Choose Us?

1. We are engaged in chain industry over 15 years with rich market experience. We keep improving production techniques. All the products have longer working life and have passed the market test.

2. We can design the correct chains with high quality material, good abrasion resistance, good corrosion, high strengthen and etc as per your request or the chain application.

3. We are the chain manufacturer; you can directly purchase the product from us with low price and high quality.

4. We have a professional team for international trade, they have abundant experiences and are always ready to solve problems for customers. So you have nothing to worry about.

5. We have the long-term cooperative forwarder who can give us the lowest freight. And it can help you to save the freight. What’s more, for the FCL, we will design the packages as per the container sizes with the largest capacity to save the shipping cost for both of us.

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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Textile Machinery, Garment Machinery, Conveyer Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Food Machinery, Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Coating, Spraying, Mining, Slaughtering, Assembly
Surface Treatment: Polishing
Structure: Combined Chain
Material: Alloy
Type: Cranked Link Chain
US$ 5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

drive chain

Can a drive chain be used in a packaging or bottling application?

Yes, a drive chain can be used in packaging or bottling applications where reliable and efficient power transmission is required. Here is a detailed explanation:

In packaging and bottling processes, various types of equipment are utilized, such as conveyor systems, fillers, cappers, labelers, and palletizers. Drive chains offer several advantages in these applications:

  • Accurate Power Transmission: Drive chains provide precise power transmission, ensuring the synchronized movement and precise positioning of the packaging and bottling equipment. This allows for reliable and efficient production processes, smooth material flow, and precise control over the packaging operations.
  • High Load Capacity: Drive chains are designed to handle heavy loads and transmit power in packaging and bottling equipment. They can effectively transmit power to drive mechanisms involved in conveyor systems, rotary tables, or indexing units, allowing for efficient movement and handling of packaged goods or bottles.
  • Robustness and Durability: Packaging and bottling environments can be demanding, with high production rates, repetitive movements, and exposure to moisture, dust, or other contaminants. Drive chains are designed to withstand these conditions, providing durability, resistance to wear, and long service life even in high-demand applications.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Drive chains offer flexibility and adaptability in designing and configuring packaging and bottling equipment. They can be easily integrated into different types of conveyors, indexing systems, or rotary machines, allowing for efficient material handling, product orientation, and packaging customization.
  • High-Speed Capability: Drive chains can accommodate high-speed operation in packaging and bottling applications. They are designed to provide reliable power transmission even at high rotational speeds, ensuring efficient production rates and meeting the demands of fast-paced packaging lines.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Drive chains offer a cost-effective solution for power transmission in packaging and bottling applications. They have a long service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower replacement costs compared to some alternative power transmission systems.

It is important to consider the specific requirements of the packaging or bottling application when selecting a drive chain. Factors such as load capacity, speed, environmental conditions, and maintenance considerations should be taken into account.

Regular maintenance, including inspection, lubrication, and tension adjustment, is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the drive chain in packaging and bottling applications.

By utilizing drive chains in packaging and bottling processes, operators can benefit from accurate power transmission, high load capacity, durability, flexibility, high-speed capability, and cost-effectiveness, contributing to efficient and reliable packaging operations.

drive chain

Can a drive chain be used in a medical or healthcare application?

Yes, a drive chain can be used in certain medical and healthcare applications where reliable and precise power transmission is required. Here is a detailed explanation:

In medical and healthcare settings, various equipment and devices rely on efficient power transmission to perform critical functions. While drive chains may not be used in all medical applications, they can be suitable for specific applications that involve controlled movement, precision, and durability. Here are some examples:

  • Medical Imaging Systems: Drive chains can be used in medical imaging systems such as CT scanners, MRI machines, and X-ray machines. These systems often require precise and synchronized movement of components for image acquisition. Drive chains enable accurate positioning and controlled motion, ensuring the necessary alignment and stability during the scanning process.
  • Robotic Surgery Systems: Robotic surgery systems require precise and reliable power transmission to control the movement of robotic arms and surgical instruments. Drive chains can be used to transmit power and ensure accurate positioning, enabling surgeons to perform delicate procedures with enhanced precision and control.
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Equipment: Drive chains can be incorporated into rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment such as exercise machines or motorized devices used for therapeutic purposes. These chains allow for adjustable resistance, controlled movement, and precise range of motion, assisting patients in their recovery and rehabilitation processes.
  • Medical Equipment Mobility: Drive chains can be utilized in medical equipment such as hospital beds, stretchers, or mobile carts, where controlled and smooth movement is necessary. Drive chains enable adjustable height, positioning, and mobility, ensuring safe and precise patient handling and transport within healthcare facilities.

It is important to note that in medical and healthcare applications, specific regulations, standards, and guidelines must be followed. The design, material selection, and installation of drive chains should comply with the applicable medical industry standards and safety requirements.

Additionally, regular maintenance, including inspection, lubrication, and tension adjustment, is crucial to ensure optimal performance and reliability of the drive chain in medical and healthcare applications.

By utilizing drive chains in select medical and healthcare applications, operators can benefit from precise power transmission, accurate positioning, controlled movement, and enhanced functionality, contributing to improved patient care and medical outcomes.

China high quality China Factory of Roller X458 Drive Chain Steel Forging Chain and Industry Transmission Conveyor Drag Standard Chain with Forged Link Cast Carbon Steel Chain  China high quality China Factory of Roller X458 Drive Chain Steel Forging Chain and Industry Transmission Conveyor Drag Standard Chain with Forged Link Cast Carbon Steel Chain
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China OEM High Quality China Factory Price Customized Model Galvanized Corrugated Wheat Corn CZPT Steel Silos Widely Used Steel CZPT Scraper Feeder Drag Chain Conveyor with Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

Product Powerful width of machine slot(cm) Yield(m³/H)
TGSS16 16 30
TGSS20 twenty 55
TGSS25 twenty five ninety
TGSS32 32 a hundred thirty
TGSS40 40 270
TGSS50 fifty four hundred

The drag conveyor is made up with Machine head,machine body,machine tail,inlet and outlet.

(1) The machine head is made up with the main body box,drive sprocket,Gear box, transmission sprocket.Chain and drags.

(2) The tail is made up with main body box,sprocket,tensioning device.

(3) The intermediate body is made up with the tube ,slide rail chain & drags,machine cover etc.

(4) The inlet and outlet are made up with the flange and connecting joints used for input or discharge of the grain.

(5) Chain has T and V type,it is the main part of the conveyor for transportation of the grain.
(6)1t is a kind of gear box transmission ed through the chain and head shaft The drag chain conveyor is widely used in the port industry, grain warehouse,malt industry,brewery industry,feed mill company,oil factory and so on.

ZheJiang Shelley CZPT Steel Silo Firm Ltd. is a major provider of CZPT storage answers in China, devoted to offering a single-end CZPT storage and supporting solutions for international buyers.
The firm was founded in 2007, and now has much more than 30 invention patents and utility model patents, nearly 8,000 square meters of dust-free workshop, geared up with the most advanced automatic laser cutting device, CNC lathe, metal bending equipment and automatic shearing The business has much more than 10 expert designers and engineers, and hundreds of factory supervisors, workshop administrators, generation schedulers, experienced personnel and installers.

1.who are you?
We are specialist silo maker and answer service provider start from 2007 based in ZheJiang , China with fourteen a long time knowledge in abroad buying and selling.

2.how can you guarantee top quality?
We have acquired CE, ISO9001certificates and numerous patents.

3.what can we buy from you?
Grain Silos, ventilation method, level sensor,silo intelligent cloud management system, weighing sensor method,sweep auger,temperature monitoring method,cooler,fumigation technique for metal silo, electric powered management method, bucket elevator,drag conveyor, screw conveyor, belt conveyor,pneumatic conveyor, pre-cleaner, vibrating cleaner, pulse dust collector,cyclone,suction separator, CZPT drum.

four: I want to use our possess brand , is it alright?
Of training course it’s Ok , we can make OEM products if your MOQ is 2 sets, and we can also can supply our personal brand merchandise

five:When you ship my buy?
Usually 15-30 days right after acquiring your payment, but it can be negotiated dependent on buy qty and production plan.

six.what providers can you provide?
Approved Shipping and delivery Conditions: FOB,CIF,EXW
Accepted Payment Forex:USD,CNY 
Acknowledged Payment Type: T/T,L/C
Language Spoken:English,Chinese

7:How about the warranty ?
One particular calendar year warranty .

Like all of our roller chains, our one-strand roller chains are heat dipped to guarantee one hundred% lubricated components and heat treated to improve put on resistance. Our sizzling dip lubrication strategy guarantees that every single strand roller chain operates at maximum capability and use daily life for as prolonged as achievable. EP Chain proudly delivers highly tough solitary chain roller chains for your comfort. Each and every of our solitary-strand roller chains is preloaded during the manufacturing procedure, successfully minimizing preliminary elongation right after you receive your solution. You will locate our one-strand roller chains utilized in a assortment of purposes, such as the food industry or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we recognize that downtime can suggest dropped organization and revenue. Our single-strand roller chains are the lacking url your business demands to keep devices and everyday operations working easily.
Silent chain, also identified as inverted tooth chain. It is designed to remove the unwell effects of stretching and generate a peaceful stroll. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain raises, the radius that the chainrings travel over the sprocket enamel will increase a bit.

China high quality High Quality Redler Scraper Feeding System Drag Chain Conveyor for Cement Clinker with Best Sales

Solution Description

Export common FU/MS substantial potential incline cement/grain cable drag chain conveyor


Drag chain conveyor is a new merchandise for horizontal (or tilt ≤ fifteen °), for conveying of powder, granular, little pieces of content, in the technically advanced degree in the nation. This merchandise has a realistic design, novel framework and long support existence, generating it considerably exceptional to screw conveyors, buried scraper conveyors and other conveying products. It is an ideal new sort of conveying tools.
Fu-kind chain conveyors are provided with 2 varieties of regular rubber and plastic belts. Applicable operating environment -15 °C -forty °C. When transporting elements with acidic and alkaline substances, oil substances and organic solvents, alkali-resistant and acid-evidence conveyor belts are employed.

Chain conveyor (FU kind)
(1) Sensible construction, novel layout, advanced engineering and full series.
(2) Entirely-enclosed casing, great sealing efficiency, risk-free procedure, and trustworthy operation.
(3) The chain conveyor chain is manufactured of alloy steel processed by innovative warmth treatment methods with prolonged services life and really reduced servicing rate.
(4) Large conveying capacity, conveying ability up to 11m3/h.
(5) The transmission energy consumption is lower. With the help of the interior friction of the materials, the content is driven to pull, preserving electrical energy and sturdiness.
(6) Import and export are versatile. Elevated, floor, pit, amount, and climbing (≤ 15°) can be installed. The duration of the conveyor can be created according to the person.

The chain conveyor is mainly composed of the very first area, the middle segment, the CZPT area, the tail part and the conveyor chain, the import and export resources, and the drive. The push is divided into 2 varieties: left and appropriate, and the drive variety is picked in accordance to the delivery quantity and the shipping duration. The feed inlet is divided into 3 kinds: the higher feed inlet, the lateral feed inlet, the 2 feed inlets, the discharge outlet is the head outlet, and the intermediate outlet and the center outlet are also obtainable for end users to use.


Model  Tank
.17  .21  .26  .36  040  .53 
FU150  150  ≤4  ≤8  Capacity 
10  15  20  25   
FU200  200  ≤5  ≤10  16  22  30  40  58   
FU270  270  ≤7  ≤14  25  40  50  70  90  110 
FU350  350  ≤9  ≤18    50  80  110  140  180 
FU410  410  ≤11  ≤21    80  120  160  180  240 


The atmosphere in which the roller chain is utilized and the function it performs will influence which roller chain is utilized and how often you will need to exchange it. Rest confident that roller chains are 1 of the most successful and successful alternatives for energy transmission and transportation programs. You will locate roller chains most typically used for mechanical power transmission in industrial machinery and solution conveyance all through producing amenities. Standard Industries: Meals, Beverage, Resources, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Design, Mining
Silent chain, also recognized as inverted tooth chain. It is designed to eliminate the sick results of stretching and generate a peaceful wander. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain will increase, the radius that the chainrings vacation above the sprocket teeth boosts a bit.

China Hot selling Drag Chain Conveyor & Bucket Elevator for Steel Silo Inlet/Outlet/Backwarding System with high quality

Merchandise Description

        The Drag Chain conveyor is that transmission drives the drive sprocket to rotate, conveyor chain with the scraper meshes with push sprocket and moves accordingly when the content is extra from feed inlet, it is gained in slot, then pulling power of conveyor chain moves in the very same path, so that the inside friction and inside stress among uncooked resources will increase. When the friction is increased than friction in between the substance and the groove wall, it is driven forward by the conveyor chain motion, and elevated interior strain assures a secure condition among the layers, making a ongoing stream. When the ratio of the layer top satisfies particular circumstances, transmission movement is steady and the materials velocity is about equal to chain pace, so content is continuously and stably transported from discharge port


Model capacity M³/hour speed m/s pitch chain width top of scraper teeth width of slot mm bearing height Cavity height
mm mm mm mm mm
MSW200 50-seventy five .35-.fifty five seventy eight.one one hundred seventy fifty twelve 200 300 420
MSW250 sixty-100 .35-.55 seventy eight.one 220 fifty twelve 250 300 420
MSW315 135-200 .4-.65 78.1/101.6 285 60 17/13 315 four hundred 550
MSW400 one hundred seventy-275 .4-.sixty five 78.1/one hundred and one.6 370 sixty seventeen/thirteen four hundred 400 550
MSW500 330-550 .forty five-.80 a hundred and one.6/153.67 470 80 sixteen/eleven five hundred five hundred 680
MSW630 420-750 .forty five-.80 153.67 600 80 eleven 630 five hundred 680
MSW800 500-880 .45-.eighty 153.67 770 90 11 800 five hundred 680
MSW1000 700-1250 .45-.80 153.67 970 90 twelve a thousand 610 760
MSW1200 850-1500 .forty five-.eighty 153.sixty seven 2×560 90 twelve 1200 610 760
MSW1600 1250-2200 .forty five-.eighty 153.sixty seven 2×760 90 thirteen 1600 660 845
MSW2000 1600-2800 .45-.80 153.sixty seven 2×960 ninety 13 2000 660 845

China scraper chain conveyor supplier          China en masse chain conveyor factory

Listed here are some benefits of chain drives in excess of belt and gear drives: They can be used for lengthy and quick distances. Many axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a little general dimension, so even in the event of a fire, you will not experience any bad issues. Temperature and ambient situations do not have an effect on its operation. Chain drives do not require preliminary pressure. They are extremely effective (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep in the course of transmission, making certain a excellent gear ratio. Chain travel, easy to install. Chain drives are minimal upkeep, stand up to abrasive problems and work in wet conditions
Below are some advantages of chain drives over belt and gear drives: They can be utilised for extended and limited distances. Many axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a small overall size, so even in the event of a fire, you won’t encounter any poor problems. Temperature and ambient problems do not have an effect on its operation. Chain drives do not demand preliminary rigidity. They are very successful (up to 96%) and have no slip and creep throughout transmission, making sure a best gear ratio. Chain travel, simple to set up. Chain drives are reduced servicing, withstand abrasive situations and operate in moist situations