Gantry Gate Type Steel H Beam Automatic Welding Machine

Gantry Gate Type Steel H Beam Automatic Welding Machine

Gantry gate type H-beam welding device is economical and higher effecient, made with extensivie business experience. It can weld two H-beam perform items one particular time.

The welding equipment has straightforward and reliable composition and intelligent structure.
The principal transmission makes use of imported AC frequency converter to manage the two sides’ synchronous velocity altering travel, with steady velocity, dependable digital exhibit of linear pace. And there is 3 axis mechanical monitoring guide arc unit, while the up and down is pneumatic monitoring, the remaining and right is floating monitoring, hence guarantee welding torch to centralize the welding seam accurately. The sub merge arc welding electricity setup system is on the gantry gate, and moves alongside, and in this way, the management cable and welding cable is brief, replies fast, force drop modest, and welding currency stable. Welding manage and gate frame management are integrated and simple to work. The cable in welding arm is in the form drag chain, neat and safe.

one. The H beam gantry gate welding equipment has two structures: Gantry gate transfer kind & double cantilever shift type.
two. Gantry gate or cantilever drive method: AC motor and R sequence worm reducer.
3. Welding velocity: .15~one.5m/min.
four. Arc guidebook body head purpose is to mechanically keep track of up and down, remaining and correct.
5. CZPTed frequency converter is in a position to comprehend gantry gate or cantilevers stepless speed adjustment, with wide velocity adjustment variety, higher precision and continuous output torque.
6. CZPTal handle cabinet includes principal handle cabinet and remote procedure box.
7. Two perform-piece at one time.

Provide scope:
1, Gantry gate device: Gantry gate, journey device, lateral sliding device, feeding wire wheel and pipe equipment.
2, Welding arm and carriage: Welding arm, motor transmission device, move gadget and equipment (2 sets every).
three, Arc guidebook system: Welding gun, mechanical adjusting device and feeding wire equipment (two sets every).
4, Flux recovery program: 100kg flux restoration equipment, individual material barrel, flux hopper, flux restoration and transmission pipe.
five, CZPT control technique: CZPT control cabinet, AC frequency converter, operation box, lighting, warning mild.
six, Pipe and wire system: Welding device power wire, manage wire, welding cable, gantry gate control cable, air resource pipe, suspending sliding frame.
7, Welding system: MZ-one thousand sub merge arc welding device*2sets.

Services and guarantee:
1. check and acceptance
Settle for in accordance to specialized agreements and agreement among every other.
two. normal rules
2.1 according to source scope, offer full and successful documents.
two.two the tools works stale and dependable. No deformation, irregular shake, liquid leak, air leak and electrical power leak. The transferring elements like chain, skate board, coupling, principal shaft works steadily and correct.
two.three all the parts in the equipment need to install correctly and firmly. No outside injury, and all the welding seams are in very good condition, no slag, crack, dent and and so on. The welding seam need to be taken off pressure.
2.4 all the pipes and wires, with correct joint and trustworthy joint. They should be organized in purchase, appropriate, firm and neat. There ought to be necessary safeguard, no wrinkle, shrink or cracks and etc.
2.five the lubrication method need to operate generally, and the dependable lubrication stage is easy to accessibility.
two.six the portray should be entire filled, glossy, no paint scarcity, no coloration distinction and other faulty phenomenon. the name plate of the tools is total, distinct and the grounding is comply to common.
3. soon after the examination and acceptance, the machine has twelve months warranty.
And soon after the 12 months guarantee period of time, we also provide whole existence technological support and mend service. And supply spare components in reduced charges to user.

30 times from execution from contract.

Design web top mm flange width mm welder model welding sort welding speed¬† welding torch return pace rails’ distance mm overall electricity
LHA-4000 200-1500 two hundred-800 MZ-one thousand boat-type welding .fifteen-one.5m/min 3m/min 4000 10KW,exclude welder power
SXBH-twenty two hundred-2000 two hundred-800 2000

Gantry Gate Type Steel H Beam Automatic Welding Machine