Factory Direct Sale Wz Series Horizontal Non-Gravity Mixer for Seasoning Processing and Mixing

Factory Direct Sale Wz Series Horizontal Non-Gravity Mixer for Seasoning Processing and Mixing

Product description  

WZ sequence non-gravity mixers can blend powder and powder, powder and particles, particularly mixing materials with extremely distinct distinct gravity or particle size the products is dispersed in two rows of diverse turns in a twin U-shaped cylinder When working, the material is sprayed in radial, circumferential and axial instructions, forming several effects this sort of as cross circulation, shear mixing, etc., reaching uniform mixing in a very quick time, substantial mixing performance, minimal power usage, and air pollution tiny. The mixing velocity of this machine is large, and the batch mixing is usually 2~3min, which is specifically ideal for creation use in assembly traces.

The horizontal non-gravity mixer is composed of a transmission portion, a paddle agitator, and a twin U-shaped barrel the transmission component is a reducer that drives the agitator to run through multiple rows of chains or gears the agitator is a double-shaft blade, on the shaft The blades arranged at a unique angle rotate at continuous velocity and reverse to guarantee the a few-way spraying motion of materials in the radial, circumferentia
l and axial instructions, forming several consequences this kind of as cross circulation, shearing and mixing, and achieve uniform mixing in a really short time.
Diverse mixing blades can be chosen according to different substance homes.
When the material ratio is 1‰, the mixing uniformity reaches ninety eight%.
It can meet up with the uniform mixing of five hundred mesh good powder and 5mm granular substance.

Merchandise Image  

Principal attributes and benefits  

Equipment content: regular carbon steel, SUS304 stainless steel and different equipment components are CZPT for users to decide on, conference the specifications of corrosion and use resistance of different goods.
Liquid addition: The liquid content can be atomized into the mixer by spraying, so that a small quantity of liquid can be mixed evenly after introducing.
The non-gravity mixer has higher mixing performance and huge manufacturing potential. It is usually utilised in generation traces with different big-scale mixing portions. It is created for manufacturing line operation, automatic batching, automated mixing, automated packaging and other capabilities.

Software field  

Horizontal non-gravity mixers are extensively utilised in feed, fertilizer, developing components, refractory materials, agriculture, feed additives, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, nutrient soil, compound fertilizer, thermal insulation mortar, put on-resistant floor, putty, configuration cement, gypsum, Bentonite and other fields…

CZPT Parameters  

Tools model Gadget volume(L) Creation volume
Mixing sum
Electrical power
Spindle velocity
equipment fat


MWZL-one hundred 100L 30~60 <100 three ~sixty 1200*seven hundred*700 550
MWZL-a thousand 1000L 300~600 <600 eleven 33 1700*1800*1500 2100
MWZL-2000 2000L five hundred~1200 <1200 fifteen 33 2000*2500*1700 3200
MWZL-4000 4000L 1000~2500 <2500 thirty 33 2500*2800*2300 5000
MWZL-6000 6000L 2000~3500 <3000 45 28 2800*3000*2500 6200
MWZL-ten thousand 10000L 3000~6000 <5000 seventy five 28 3000*3600*3000 9500

Each batch processing potential is .1-twenty cubic meters
.three~10 tons of materials processed per batch
The mixing time utilized is two~10 minutes
Push configuration energy 3KW-150KW
Equipment content can be 316L, 321, 304, carbon steel

Organization Profile

Packing and transport


Factory Direct Sale Wz Series Horizontal Non-Gravity Mixer for Seasoning Processing and Mixing