Eaglewood Essential Oil Distillers for Sale

Eaglewood Essential Oil Distillers for Sale

Our Eaglewood Crucial Oil Distillers is ideal for the extraction of different bouquets and leaves which contain important oil. It adopts water vapor distillation apparatus for h2o distillation method and h2o proof distillation technique, so the extraction of plant unstable element is properly, this products is appropriate for enterprises to established up production near the plant origin place. The products is new, multifunctional and multipurpose plant essential oil extraction device. the equipment can accumulate the plant crucial oil, fragrant crops, and other effective substances successfully.


Features and benefit:
Oil extraction price is very substantial
Adapt to numerous heating approaches
Equipment construction can be completed in accordance to consumer demands
This products is made of SUS304 stainless metal with particular frame.
It has Unique condenser layout which can extract the oil effectively.
This machine equips Electronic Exhibit Manage Technique.

Oil and drinking water separator                                

The crucial oil and h2o will be separted in this element.We use glass or tainless steel content.

The condenser
The steam which contains the important oil will be cooled into water in this element.

Extract tank

Place the uncooked mateiral into this tank.For illustration some bouquets or leaves or woods.

Important oil distiller doing work method and working principle:
(a) water vapor drinking water distillation
1) of the content into the extracting tank distillation in the basket, basket distillation for orifice plate structure, distillation blue can be on-demand components, this sort of as refreshing flowers and plants is put at the bottom of the retort to be part of a certain proportion of pure water, drinking water not overflow the distillation blue cheapest spot.CZPT substance liquid ratio of 1:three is greatest.(can also add a moderate quantity of additives according to the technical requirement).

2) open up the extraction distillation tank heating system, make the distilled h2o heated to set temperature (normally for water boiling temperature of one hundred degrees Celsius), extract the regular start off.When distilled water temperature attained 70 degrees Celsius, open condensate valve. If equipped with ice h2o unit need to be water temperature attained 50 levels Celsius is open up cold water unit, and preserve steadiness of the condenser water circulation fee.

three) distillation extraction started, oil-drinking water separator base by glass pipe dynamically notice crucial oil extraction effect.

four) distillation extraction started, condenser condensate have to be open.CZPT plant important oil extraction time is for a longer time, mezzanine boiler temperature can be set to a hundred and twenty ~ 130 degrees Celsius, distillation tank temperature environment to 102 ~ 105 degrees.To hold the distillation tank drinking water boiling.Ensure that the steam is sufficient.
Operation encounter: prior to distillation temperature attain the set benefit, can be established greater interlayer boiler temperature, such as one hundred fifty levels, permit the temperature increase more rapidly, when the temperature difference ten degrees or so near to the set worth, the temperature of interlining boiler to regular, these kinds of as 115 degrees.

5) general distillation extraction time is 3 ~ 5 hours, (in accordance to the roses, for instance, 3 hours yield efficiency eighty four.783%, generate effectiveness ninety five.652%) 5 hours following the distillation extraction, shut off the distillation extraction tank heating technique, etc. Soon after twenty minutes in the closed cooling water.

6) condenser opens in the extraction tank temperature to eighty ° C, whilst making sure the condenser leading open up open up.

7) condenser in normal perform, the upper openings with h2o vapor.If there are any vapor emitted that condensed water temperature too high or low condensed water.If there are any situations, can use chilly drinking water cycle refrigeration unit.It can better boost the influence of the extraction of risky oil.
(observe: if the API to powder or small particles that can use API into the first fine stainless metal wire mesh paved distillation in the blue, right after extraction is advantageous for the liquid out.)
(two) water vapor distilled drinking water
one) the flowers and plants this kind of as the material right into the distillation extraction tank, the base of the retort including appropriate amount of pure drinking water, fifty percent of the quantity of drinking water not overflow the retort, usually for 1/three of the tanks as effectively.(can also add a moderate sum of additives according to approach needs, typically boost the concentration of two.five% focus of sodium chloride aqueous answer to distillation, obvious impact).
two) open the extraction distillation tank heating technique, make the distilled water heated to established temperature (typically for drinking water boiling temperature of a hundred levels Celsius), extract the typical begin.When distilled water boiling on condensed water device, guide the steam moving into the condenser, cooler, oil drinking water separator.Condensate can be opened in advance Powering (like drinking water distillation operation.)

We are promoting underneath designs:

Types Description Price
EO100 100L  
EO200 200L  
EO300 300L  
EO400 400L  
EO500 500L  


It can place 120kg flower into the EO1000
Leaves 150kg into EO 1000,
L W H : 6000X2300X 3700 MM


it can place 240kg flower into EO2000,
300kg leaves into EO 2000,
L W H : 5800X2400X3700MM


It can set 360kg flower into EO 3000,
450kg leaves into EO3000,
L W H :6200X2600X5200MM
EO 4000  4000L  
EO 5000 5000L  
EO6000 6000L  

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Eaglewood Essential Oil Distillers for Sale