CNC Gantry Move Plates Drilling Machine

CNC Gantry Move Plates Drilling Machine

Item function:
one. Lathe mattress work desk
Lathe bed is connected from the left and proper primary lathe mattress and bridge. It is a welded steel structure processed by the synthetic ageing treatment method. A bearing plate is installed on the operate table, and a 28mm wide T-groove is created on it for effortlessly putting and clamping workpieces. On the remaining and proper facet of the lathe bed, two linear guides with substantial bearing ability are geared up respectively for aiding the gantry longitudinal slide carriage guiding. A set of drive system consisting of AC servo motor, ball-screw and screw for gantry longitudinal slide carriage movement, to ensure large precision of positioning and repositioning. M20 adjustable nuts are put in the underside of lathe mattress for simply modifying the stage of function table.
two. Movable gantry
Since the lathe mattress is set although gantry shifting, the products occupy small region. The gantry is welded by metal plates and processed by the artificial ageing treatment method. Two linear guides and two NC slide carriage variety electricity heads are set up on the entrance of the gantry, and a established of transfer mechanism consisting of precision ball screw assembly is installed on the best of gantry. The nuts on the screw assembly are linked with the AC servo motor on the two NC slide carriage by synchronizing wheel and belt. When the AC servo motor on the two NC slide carriage variety electricity head rotates, the NC slide carriage will move together Y axis. So that guarantees the precision of positioning and repositioning. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. flexible protective covers are set up on the two sides of the electricity head.
three. CNC slide carriage kind electrical power head
The energy head use servo motor to realize numerical feeding through lowering speed by synchronizing belt and equipment, driving vertical ball-screw rotation. For the duration of work, the automatic cycle is recognized from the process of rapidly feeding when the drill make contact with work pieces, modifying to automated feeding after the dill contact work pieces, modifying to fast reverse following drilling by means of and parallel shifting to following drilling position following the drill best leave function pieces again to set position. It has the operate of drilling by means of-hole and blind-hole, automatic chips slicing and discharging etc., so that drastically increases the manufacturing effectiveness. Drill principal motor of drill power head use frequency converter to control velocity stepless which is very easily operated. it is installed Quick modify module of Morse no.4 taper hole under the drill spindle, with Morse 3# — two# –1# reducing sleeves, which can set up diverse diameter drill below 65mm.
four. Longitudinal slide carriage
Movable gantry is put in the left and appropriate longitudinal slide carriages, which is appropriate-angle bending plate welding steel framework. A established of transfer mechanism consisting of AV servo motor and large precision ball-screw assembly on the still left and correct sides respectively. The nuts on the ball-screw assembly are connected with longitudinal slide carriages. When the AC servo motor rotates, it drives the nut to go together the ball-screw(X axis), the slide carriage moves together the guidebook at the identical time.
five. Chip cleaner and circulation cooling program
The products utilizes 1 set of choosing chip box variety chip cleaner, which is installed in the movable cooling h2o tank correcting with cooling pump. The pump is utilized for delivering coolant liquid for cooling spindle dill. The exit is linked with the sprayer mounted on energy head aspect by hose in drag chain.
six. The positioning, alignment and clamping of perform parts
For square work pieces, alignment can be recognized by repairing two route reference blocks on the bearing plate with T-groove. For round work pieces, alignment can be understood by putting the work piece any location on the bearing plate with T-groove, then the edge finder mounted in the spindle taper hole will compute the middle immediately by NC system soon after measuring any three factors of the work piece(interior or exterior diameter). It is rapidly and precise. The work pieces are clamped by pressing plate, pull rod and location blocks. It is very practical to work.
7. CNC system
CNC method use Spain FAGOR8055 to handle X axis and Y axis. Coordinate setting is controlled by FAGOR8055. It is also outfitted with RS232connecter and CRT screen. The procedure interface has capabilities of man-equipment discussion, error compensation and automated alarm and so on. Processing plan can be designed routinely by inputting work piece hole situation by keyboard and CAD delicate ware. it has the purpose of preview and recheck prior to drilling, which is simply operated.


Parameter name       
Parameter value

Max dimensions

Max thickness   150mm
Function table T
Width of T slot
Vertical slide kind drill head
NO. two
Main spindle taper gap Morse #6
Max drill diameter Φ65mm
Major spindle speed one hundred twenty-560r/min
Motor electrical power of spindle 2×7.5kW
Length  between  spindle  tip  to  work desk 200-550mm
Gantry longitudinal shift
(X axis)
Max stroke 12000mm
Transferring pace of X axis
Servo motor energy of X axis/Torque
(Y)Power head transversal shift
Max distance between spindles 2500mm
Y Moving velocity of Y axis -8m/min
Servo motor electricity of Y axis/Torque
(Z)Vertical slider feeding ZStroke of Z axis 350mm
ZFeeding speed of Z axis -5m/min
Servo motor electrical power of Z axis/Torque
Positioning accuracy Xx axis ≤0.25mm/Full duration
Positioning precision Y,ZY/Z axis ≤0.1mm/Entire size
Pneumatic system Compressed air force ≥1MPa
Chip cleansing and cooling Chip cleaner sort Plate chain variety
Chip cleaner no. one
Chip cleansing velocity 1m/min
Chip cleaner motor electricity 1X2.2kW
Motor electricity of outer cooling water pump .75kW
Automatic lubricating technique Lubrication stress 2MPa
Lubrication stage oil injecting sum .1mL
Lubrication period of time six-10min
CZPT method CNC system FAGOR8055
CNC axis NO. six
Whole electricity of motors   Approx. 30kW
Total measurement XX
Approx. 15280X5550X3200mm
Bodyweight Approx. 65t

Major areas configuration record

NO. Product Model Company
Major electrical  components
1 CNC program 8055 Spain FAGOR
two Servo motor+Servo driver 2KW Japan Panasonic
3 Servo motor+Servo driver 5KW Japan Panasonic
five Spindle motor 7.5Kw CTB
6 Spindle servo push seven.5KW CTB
7 low-voltage apparatus All Germany Siemens
8 Company laptop Lcd Lenovo
9 Proximity switch Typically open up Korea AUTONICS
10 Typically close
 main mechanical parts
1 Ball screw All ZheJiang HIWIN
2  Automatic lubrication system   BIJUR
three CZPT information All ZheJiang HIWIN
four Gear rack (with anti backlash perform) X axis CZPT
five Worm and equipment reducer X axis CZPT

CNC Gantry Move Plates Drilling Machine