China supplier Polyurethane Oil-Resistant XXL Belt Chain Conveyor for Textile Industry with Good quality

Solution Description

   *Many sorts of rubber belts,free of charge time to speak to me please,thanks!

              Primary Programs
Food Business, Medicine Industry, Electronics Industry, Tobacco Market, Printing Industry, Packaging Business, Textile Industry, Other production traces, And many others

                OUR Service
        1. Free sampling  
        two.a hundred% after-revenue quality promise  
        3. Get better quickly inside of 24 hours  
        four. As a factory, we can customise according to your needs and get the factory price tag  
           PU Timing Belt
        * Fine measurement steadiness
        * Minor pre-10sion
        * Lower noise
        * High anti-use capacity
        * Good dimensional security
        * Good elasticity
        * The max linear velocity can reaches 80m/s 
        * High precision linear positioning

               PVC Timing Belt
        * Made of polyester fiber cloth and polyvinyl chloride glue. 
        * Good lateral balance efficiency.
        * Non-poisonous and air pollution-cost-free, great toughness, not simple to deformation. 
        * High energy, climate change resistance.

              Rubber Timing Belt
        * Compact construction
        * Substantial toughness
        * Gentle fat, slim thickness
        * Good adaptability, small put in the room
        * Convenient upkeep, with far better environmental adaptability
        * Easy to be multi-useful

              Material Option
PU  TPU TPE PVC Rubber Stainless Steel Fiberglass Mesh Epdm Silicon Hytrel-TPEE

Also, we supply the belt surface area thickened use rubber, sponge and other specific providers! 
If you have no quantity, observed make sure you!

Connected Belt

                                                                       Advantages of Ring Belt 
                           * Made of the ongoing metal core and the thermoplastic polyurethane material.
                           *Large performance issue and intense tensile energy
                           *Duration might be from 1,seven-hundred to 22,000 meters. 
                           *Can be custom-made in accordance to customer’s specs of diverse models.
                                                                      *About  Ring Belt Specific Processing: 
                           1). Tooth area and nylon fabric 
                           2). Can be rolled back again a particular sample grinding and drilling 
                           3). Can go over the back again of the belt thicking 

                                                                          About Opening Belt
                          *Concluded with a continuous duration, the center and the sides parallel to the wire core. 
                          *Kinds of distinct core choice, this kind of as kevlar main, HF main, HP core and HPF core. 
                          *Creation tolerance of tiny trustworthy transmission and has a dimensional balance. 

Design Record
*Kinds of product to choose


Spec. Enamel Spec. Teeth Spec. Teeth Spec. Tooth Spec. Tooth
26MXL 33 36MXL forty five 37MXL forty six 38MXL forty eight 41MXL fifty one
46MXL 58 53MXL 66 54MXL sixty seven 55MXL 70 56MXL 71
57MXL seventy two 58MXL seventy three 59MXL seventy four 60MXL 75 61MXL seventy six
63MXL seventy nine 64MXL eighty two 65MXL 83 71MXL 89 72MXL 90
73MXL ninety two 74MXL 93 75MXL ninety five 76MXL 96 77MXL ninety seven
78MXL 98 80MXL one hundred 81MXL  102   82MXL 103 84MXL one hundred and five
85MXL 106 86MXL 107 87MXL one hundred ten 88MXL 112 89MXL 114
92MXL one hundred fifteen 93MXL 119 94MXL 120 95MXL 121 96MXL 122
97MXL 123 98MXL 124 99MXL one hundred twenty five 100MXL 126 101MXL 127
102MXL 128 105MXL 132 107MXL 134 109MXL 136 112MXL 140
109MXL 136 112MXL 140 114MXL 143 115MXL a hundred and forty four 116MXL a hundred forty five
120MXL 150 122MXL 153 124MXL 155  126MXL 157 128MXL one hundred sixty
132MXL one hundred sixty five 140MXL one hundred seventy five 143MXL 179 144MXL one hundred eighty 145MXL 181
148MXL 185 150MXL 187 151MXL 189 152MXL a hundred ninety 153MXL 191
154MXL 192 155MXL 193 156MXL 195 160MXL 200 168MXL 210


Spec. Teeth Spec. Teeth Spec. Tooth Spec. Enamel Spec. Enamel
T10*260 26 T10*300 thirty T10*330 33 T10*370 37 T10*390 39
T10*450 45 T10*460 forty six T10*480 48 T10*five hundred 50 T10*510 51
T10*560 fifty six T10*600 sixty T10*610 61 T10*620 sixty two T10*630 63
T10*690 sixty nine T10*seven hundred 70 T10*720 72 T10*730 73 T10*750 75
T10*830 83 T10*840 84 T10*850 eighty five T10*860 86 T10*880 88
T10*920 ninety two T10*950 ninety five T10*960 ninety six T10*970 97 T10*980 ninety eight
T10*1080 108 T10*1100 110 T10*1110 111 T10*1140 114 T10*1150 115
T10*1250 a hundred twenty five T10*1260 126 T10*1280 128 T10*1300 130 T10*1320 132
T10*1400 a hundred and forty T10*1410 141 T10*1420 142 T10*1440 144 T10*1450 one hundred forty five
T10*1560 156 T10*1580 158 T10*1600 a hundred and sixty T10*1640 164 T10*1700 a hundred and seventy
T10*1800 one hundred eighty T10*1850 185 T10*1860 186 T10*1880 188 T10*1960 196
T10*2100 210 T10*2120 212 T10*2160 216 T10*2170 217 T10*2200 220


Spec. Teeth Spec. Tooth Spec. Tooth Spec. Enamel Spec. Enamel
T2.5*a hundred and twenty forty eight T2.5*145 fifty eight T2.5*a hundred and sixty sixty four T2.5*one hundred eighty 72 T2.5*182.five 73
T2.5*200 80 T2.5*215 86 T2.5*240 96 T2.5*245 ninety eight T2.5*260 104
T2.5*285 114 T2.5*330 132 T2.5*380 152 T2.5*420 168 T2.5*five hundred 200
T2.5*600 240 T2.5*650 260 T2.5*780 312 T2.5*950 380    


Spec. Tooth Spec. Enamel Spec. Enamel Spec. Tooth Spec. Tooth
200H forty 225H forty five 250H fifty 260H fifty two 270H fifty four
280H 56 300H 60 315H sixty three 330H sixty six 350H 70
390H 78 420H 84 450H 90 460H 92 470H 94
480H ninety six 510H 102 540H 108 560H 112 570H 114
600H a hundred and twenty 630H 126 700H a hundred and forty 750H a hundred and fifty 900H 180


Spec. Enamel Spec. Tooth Spec. Teeth Spec. Enamel Spec. Enamel
AT5*375 seventy five AT5*390 seventy eight AT5*455 91 AT5*490 ninety eight AT5*five hundred a hundred


Spec. Enamel Spec. Enamel Spec. Enamel Spec. Tooth Spec. Tooth
AT10*five hundred fifty AT10*600 60 AT10*660 sixty six AT10*seven-hundred 70 AT10*730 seventy three
AT10*780 78 AT10*800 800 AT10*840 eighty four AT10*920 92 AT10*960 96
AT10*980 98 AT10*1050 one hundred and five AT10*1080 108 AT10*1100 110 AT10*1150 115
AT10*1200 a hundred and twenty AT10*1210 121 AT10*1250 a hundred twenty five AT10*1280 128 AT10*1300 a hundred thirty
AT10*1350 one hundred thirty five AT1390 139 AT10*1400 one hundred forty AT10*1480 148 AT10*1600 one hundred sixty
AT10*1700 a hundred and seventy AT10*1860 186 AT10*1900 one hundred ninety        


Spec. Tooth Spec. Teeth Spec. Teeth Spec. Teeth Spec. Enamel
S3M120 40 S3M144 forty eight S3M150 fifty S3M183 61 S3M192 sixty four
S3M201 67 S3M210 70 S3M231 77 S3M237 79 S3M246 82
S3M315 one zero five S3M357 119 S3M418 one hundred forty S3M420 140 S3M432 a hundred and forty four
S3M453 151 S3M459 153 S3M486 162 S3M492 164 S3M504 168
S3M510 one hundred seventy S3M513 171 S3M519 173 S3M525 one hundred seventy five S3M528 176
S3M537 179 S3M543 181 S3M546 182 S3M549 183 S3M555 185
S3M564 188 S3M571 191 S3M573 191 S3M585 195 S3M588 196
S3M600 two hundred S3M612 204 S3M705 235 S3M738 246 S3M780 260
A3M717 239 D3M327 109            


Spec. Enamel Spec. Tooth Spec. Teeth Spec. Tooth Spec. Teeth
3M135 forty five 3M144 forty eight 3M171 fifty seven 3M174 fifty eight 3M177 59
3M189 sixty three 3M195 sixty five 3M207 69 3M225 75 3M228 seventy six
3M243 81 3M255 eighty five 3M264 88 3M276 ninety two 3M288 ninety six
3M294 98 3M300 100 3M312 104 3M315 a hundred and five 3M324 108
3M336 112 3M345 one hundred fifteen 3M357 119 3M360 120 3M366 122
3M375 a hundred twenty five 3M384 128 3M402 134 3M420 one hundred forty 3M423 141
3M435 a hundred forty five 3M456 152 3M459 153 3M462 154 3M468 156
3M471 157 3M483 161 3M486 162 3M495 165 3M504 168
3M510 one hundred seventy 3M522 174 3M525 a hundred seventy five 3M537 179 3M540 one hundred eighty
3M549 183 3M555 185 3M564 188 3M573 191 3M606 202
3M657 219 3M669 223 3M693 231 3M699 233 3M708 236
3M720 240 3M738 246 3M879 293 3M1569 523 3M2040 680

*We also have model: L/XL/XXL/T2.5/T5/T10/AT3/AT10/H/PK/PJ/PH/DMB/DT5/DR/PL/MB/DAT10/DT10/S2M/S3M/S5M/5M/HTD2M/HTD3M/HTD5M/HTD14M/HTD8M.

Manufacturing facility photo


ZheJiang CZPT Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is professionally engaged in processing and production the full assortment of automotive and industrial synchronous belts: flat belt, cogged belt, v belt, spherical belt, timing belt, industrial belt etc. Our products acknowledge unique making as your prerequisite. We assist custom provider. Our typical supply time is 8-15 times, the speediest shipping and delivery time is 1 day  From its establishment, the firm sticks to the strict management and the high quality evaluation , which get the have confidence in and the reputation of the clients, and builds up very good business credit rating. The business to faithfulness, quality, pragmatism, innovation as the notion.   
We welcome new and old consumers from all walks of daily life to speak to us.


one. What is your sample policy?
We can source the sample, but the customers have to spend for the courier price. 

2. How can we guarantee quality?

Rigorous creation movement and knowledge to consider all actions sheets track again every single phase a pre-creation sample before mass



3. Can we personalized, OEM?

Sure. Not only coloration, design, texture, but also labeling & marks and so on.


4. Do you established the MOQ and give any low cost?

We do not established the MOQ. But the a lot more you place, the more low cost you will get.


Like all of our roller chains, our solitary-strand roller chains are warmth dipped to ensure a hundred% lubricated parts and warmth dealt with to increase use resistance. Our very hot dip lubrication technique makes certain that every single single strand roller chain operates at optimum capacity and wear lifestyle for as lengthy as feasible. EP Chain proudly offers highly sturdy one chain roller chains for your ease. Every single of our solitary-strand roller chains is preloaded throughout the production procedure, successfully reducing initial elongation soon after you acquire your merchandise. You will discover our one-strand roller chains utilized in a range of applications, this kind of as the food business or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we comprehend that downtime can imply dropped business and income. Our solitary-strand roller chains are the missing link your organization requirements to maintain equipment and every day operations running easily.
The roller chain operates on rotating sprockets related to the motor that drives the chain. In most roller chains, there are two sorts of backlinks utilized alternately to make it work. Inner sign up for (also named roller be part of): The two interior plates are joined with each other by two sleeves or bushings beneath the two rollers. Outer ring (also called pin ring): The two outer plates are pinned collectively, via the bushing of the inner ring.