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Item Description

Scraper Conveyor is 1 variety steady transportation products with flexible traction element. It has the rectangle easily in the seal or in the “U”shape part content trough, with the help of in the motion scraper chain link thrust pressure, brings about the material and the scraper chain hyperlink turns into a continual whole to transport.In the process of transportation,the scraper chains are buried in the substance, so it also named “embedded scraper conveyor”.This equipment is 1 of major conveying gear for CZPT method plant and CZPT warehouses.

Major construction
Scraper Conveyor is composed of trough,scraper chains,head wheel and tail wheel,inlet and outlet,generate gadget and tensioning gadget.
Working theory
1)  Horizontal Transportation
When horizontal transportation, under the scraper chain direct action, the hauling degree and is towed in between the amount materials the anelasticity to be greater than the trough wall to tow the amount content the outdoors friction force, like this tows the stage and the hauling level material kinds a total, ahead transports collectively under the scraper thrust pressure perform.
two)Vertical Transport 
When Vertical transportation, components in the vertical path by the scraper thrust, very own gravity and materials on the bottom of the vertical to upper content assist of the vertical force for a specified proportion of lateral transfer, the formation of materials and supplies on the partitions of the lateral strain trough, and a lateral stress between the relative stability of the supplies within the friction and stop motion of friction supplies, and traction and traction of the inner friction in between levels of components ample to get over the friction with the trough the place the gravity and materials, therefore forming a stable supplies in the all round thrust of the scraper chain conveyor forward.
one) Straightforward framework,light-weight weight,small volume,it is handy to manufacture ,put in ,use and keep.
2) The sealing property is excellent, the dust does not unfold.
3) easy feeding system and discharge unit,it can multiple feeding,multiple discharge.
4) Technological innovation format versatility, can be utilised for the transportation of resources in diverse instructions.
five) Scraper chain and trough simple to use.
6) Transportation larger dampness resources, producing it easy for a adhesion and compaction, inclined floating chain

Principal Technological Parameters


all sorts of scraper conveyors images

curved  scraper conveyor

horizontal scraper conveyor

self-cleansing drag conveyor

packing and transport


                                                    Task Case


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