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Chain Kind Basic Hydraulic Jack

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LYT-kind CZPT is composed of one particular-phase double-acting hydraulic cylinder, pulley block, load-bearing chain and oil way etc. Moveable pulley is employed to enlarge chain stroke, i.e. traveling distance of the cylinder is 1/2 of lifting distance of the chain. It applies to inverted installation and construction of various big storage tanks (steel) and different storage tanks.

LYT-variety chain-variety hydraulic CZPT consists of the adhering to versions: LYT-a hundred and twenty-2700, LYT-two hundred-2700, and LYT-three hundred-2700 etc. (individuals with particular stroke want to be custom-made).

I.Operation Concepts for Lifting by Inverted Approach

1. LYT-kind hydraulic CZPT is employed to first of all lift the tank roof and the prime (very first layer) siding of the tank. It’s required to team weld tank siding when the lifting height of siding exceeds the next siding (the 2nd layer from the leading) by 30-50mm, and group weld the 3rd layer (the 3rd layer from the prime to the base) of the tank soon after lifting once again, raise successively, group weld the siding of the tank layer by layer, right up until the last layer of siding.

two. LYT-sort hydraulic CZPT is utilized for lifting. When oil enters the hydraulic jack, the movable pulley is pushed upward by urgent the piston, hence driving the load-bearing chain to elevate the growth ring. In this way, the complete tank (like tank roof) is lifted up, right up until it reaches the pre-established height (there is a voidance of the next layer of plate). The siding in this layer is surrounded for butt welding. Right after the positioning block is welded, hydraulic CZPT returns and the elevate tank falls again to the newly-surrounded siding. Following welding of round seam and vertical seam, the doorway-variety card for repairing enlargement ring is minimize off and the enlargement ring is released. In this way, the CZPT returns and enlargement ring falls to the Design of hydraulic pump station Tank quantity Rated pressure Rated movement Energy Control voltage of solenoid valve Motor push price YB-7.2 220L (seven hundred*550*580) 25Mpa 7.2L/min A few-phase Four-wire (380V) 220V 5.5KW YB-14.5 340L (750*650*650) 25Mpa fourteen.5L/min 220V 7.5KW Method of LYT-type CZPT Rated lifting ability (KN) Hydraulic spot (mm) Rated oil pressure (MPa) Piston stroke (mm) Chain stroke (mm) Cylinder protection equipment Reinforcement measures LYT-one hundred twenty-2700 120 11304 25 1500 2700 Double-route oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods LYT-200-2700 two hundred 18859.6 twenty five 1500 2700 Double-course oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods LYT-three hundred-2700 three hundred 25434 twenty five 1500 2700 Double-direction oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods bottom of tank siding. Then, the up coming circular plate is expanded and transfer rib plate, this kind of as doorway-sort card, is welded for lifting, and so forth. The team welded tank is carry, till group weld of the previous layer of siding, so that the complete storage tank is mounted with this inverted approach.

II.Positive aspects of Inverted Hydraulic on Bettering Huge Building Storage Tank

one. Hydraulic lifting is steady, safe and trustworthy. Due to the adoption of unified hydraulic control and single or partial (a number of) adjustment, the entire lifting process is relatively steady. The CZPT is presented with synchronizing valve and hydraulic lock to stop sliding and slipping of the tank or heavy hundreds, which are triggered by energy failure and fracture of oil tube. Hydraulic lifting is secure, safe and dependable.

two. Design quality is ensured. As the CZPT is provided with synchronizer and adjustable purpose, lifting peak can be managed properly. Because of to over motives, quality of the tank is ensured.

3. The equipment is effortless to run. Building atmosphere is very good and perform efficiency is large.

4. The equipment is properly-tailored. As lengthy as the quantity of hydraulic hoists is improved or reduced, the whole established of products can be used to the inverted hydraulic lifting design of big storage tanks with distinct volumes ranging from many thousand cubic meters to tens of 1000’s cubic meters.

5. The hydraulic pump station and the hydraulic CZPT are put in the tank for straightforward operation. Last but not least, a doorway-closing plate is reserved to transfer the tools out of the storage tank, and the door-closing plate is team welded nicely.

6. The hydraulic pump station can be managed singly or jointly, and has strong development adaptability and outstanding specialized efficiency price ratio.

7. Short design period of time, reduced price and excellent financial advantage. Owing to the higher degree of modernization and the rapidly lifting speed of the total set of equipment, it has lower building cost and very good economic advantage. This engineering is really characterised with convenient and centralized handle, straightforward procedure, basic safety and reliability (no falling), exact control of weld clearance and lifting peak of large objects, which can make certain the top quality of the task, save labor and reduce expenses, and achieve remarkable economic rewards.

Solution Parameters

1.Complex performance parameters of hydraulic pump station

Product Tank volume Rated pressure Rated circulation Power Control voltage of solenoid valve Motor travel fee
YB-7.two 220L(seven hundred*550*580) 25Mpa 7.2L/min Three-period 4-wire (380V) 220V 5.5kw
YB-fourteen.5 340L(750*650*650) 25Mpa fourteen.5L/min 220V 7.5kw

two.Technical functionality parameters of the hoist

Manner of LYT-kind hoist Rated lifting capability (KN) Hydraulic area (mm) Rated oil stress (MPa) Piston stroke (mm) Chain stroke (mm) Cylinder protection gear Reinforcement actions
LYT-one hundred twenty-2700 120 11304 25 1500 2700 Double-route oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods
LYT-200-2700 200 18859.6 25 1500 2700
LYT-three hundred-2700 three hundred 25434 25 1500 2700


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Organization Profile

Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd is a hydraulic equipment manufacturing business built-in with style, development, creation and income, which mostly manufactures LYT-type chain-kind hydraulic hoist, SQD unfixing holding-latch hydraulic CZPT and supporting items. This kind of items are primarily utilised for inverted lifting and installation of metal storage tanks. Started in 2003, right after several years of concentrated scientific investigation and development, the firm obtained the patent certificate of “Utility Model Hydraulic Hoist’ issued by “China Nationwide Mental Home Administration”, and the appropriate to use the trademark of “WINCOO” in 2008, so as to empower goods of Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd to rapidly become Chinese brand names.

Given that coming into Chinese marketplace for a lot more than ten many years, goods of Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd has been marketed in almost thirty provinces, cities and autonomous areas in China, and some overseas marketplaces. The organization has generation line of innovative technology in the meantime, Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd patterns, develops and processes merchandise for CZPT domestic set up businesses. With skilled crew, stringent management and superb products, the company strives to produce the model of “WINCOO”, hydraulic CZPT and collection supporting goods. As an skilled of hydraulic hoist, WINCOO with appeal of substantial technology is eager, revolutionary and forging forward to establish design language of the firm. In an all-inclusive and absorbing and open-minded fashion, the hydraulic CZPT and hydraulic pump station are completely merged to sort hydraulic lifting equipment (hydraulic jacking tools). As the founder and disseminator of hydraulic hoist, WINCOO has been constructing the inverted hydraulic lifting tools and generation technologies of HangZhou installation engineering for a extended time.

Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd is committed to the analysis and improvement of LYT-kind chain-sort hydraulic hoist, SQD-sort unfixing keeping-latch hydraulic CZPT and the supporting gear. The LYT-type and SQD-series merchandise have been broadly utilised in different assignments (inverted lifting, translation, jacking, and climbing, and so forth.) by key set up companies all in excess of the country, and have attained satisfactory results.

WINCOO sticks to increase core competitiveness by virtue of corporate tradition, therefore setting a great social impression of the organization throughout improvement. “These hoping to broaden the business need to research difficult from the instant, and the pursuit is endless”. “WINCOO” will continually forge forward, contributes to the course of installation project in China and permanently moves ahead to forge the monument of hydraulic lifting sector in China.


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two. We can offer all specialized files and advices to support you for building method clearifications
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