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Product Description

Item Description 

The Roller Conveyor line is relevant to the transportation of different boxes, baggage, pallets and other parts of products. It can transport products with massive solitary w8. It is simple to link and changeover amongst roller conveyor strains. Several roller conveyor strains and other special lines can be utilised to sort a intricate CZPT transportation method to satisfy a range of process demands.

Software: electronics, beverage, meals, packaging, equipment, electronics, mild sector, tobacco, chemical business, drugs, rubber and plastic, vehicle and motorbike, CZPT and other industries

The roller conveyors are easy to connect and filter. Several roller traces and other conveying gear or specific devices can be utilised to type a intricate CZPT conveying system and diversion and confluence technique to fulfill different procedure demands. The stacking roller can be utilized to comprehend the stacking and transportation of components. The roller conveyor has the positive aspects of easy construction, large dependability and hassle-free use and upkeep. Considering the tensile energy of the chain, the longest one line duration is typically no far more than 10m.

Major Specialized Parameters:

Merchandise Identify Stainless Metal Roller Conveyor Belting Conveyor Chain Conveyor Assembly Line
Dimensions Specification Inner line width of regular gauge roller: two hundred, three hundred, 400, 500, 1200mm, and so forth
Regular turning interior radius of turning drum line: three hundred, 600, 900, 1200mm, and so on
The diameter of the drum used for the straight area drum is 38, fifty, 60, seventy six, 89mm, and so on
Relevant Resources Carton, Box,Bag, Tray
Transmission Velocity Maximum 180m / min.
Materials Stainless Metal
Voltage 380V(415V)/50HZ(60HZ)


Item Demonstrate 

Product  Details
Gear Classification:

Structural kind: from the driving type, it is divided into electrical power, no power, electrical roller, and many others
According to the structure type: it is divided into horizontal conveying, inclined conveying and turning conveying.

Tools Attributes

The roller conveyor is suitable for conveying items with flat base. It is mainly composed of driving roller, frame, support, driving element and so on. It has the attributes of huge conveying ability, rapidly pace, light procedure, and can realize multi selection collinear shunt conveying. The taper of the turning drum will be made according to the excess weight, total dimension and linear pace of the conveying object.

Frame Substance: carbon metal, plastic sprayed, stainless steel, aluminum profile.
Electrical power Mode: reduction motor drive, electrical roller generate, and many others.
Transmission Manner: one chain wheel, double sprocket, o-belt, airplane friction transmission belt, synchronous belt, etc.
Speed Regulation Mode: variable frequency pace regulation, stepless pace regulation, and many others.
Connected Merchandise

The Chain Plate Conveyor Line requires the chain plate as the bearing area, which can bear huge load and lengthy-distance transportation The kind of line body is straight-line and turning transportation The chain plate width can be made in accordance to buyers or real situations.
It is broadly utilized for automatic transportation and distribution of foods, cans, drugs, drinks, CZPT and washing goods, paper goods, condiments, dairy business and tobacco, and connecting transportation of again packaging.
It can meet up with the needs of single row transportation of CZPT labeling, filling, cleansing and other equipment, and satisfy the specifications of massive volume of feeding of sterilizer, bottle administration table and filling machine. The head and tail of the 2 chain plate conveyors can be produced into overlapping mixing chains, so that the bottle (can) physique is in a dynamic changeover state, so that there are no bottles on the conveying line, It can fulfill the pressure and non stress transportation of empty and sound bottles.


The Modular Net Conveyor Line is commonly employed in the transportation of meals, beer and beverage, slaughtering, fruits and vegetables, drugs, cosmetics, everyday requirements, CZPT and other industries. By picking various net belts, it can make element sorting line, elevator, sterilizer, vegetable cleaning equipment, cold bottle machine, meat foodstuff transportation and so on.
The modular mesh belt uses a plastic hinge pin extending more than the complete width of the conveyor belt to assemble the injection molded mesh belt into an interlocking unit. This technique increases the strength of the conveyor belt and can be assembled into any required width and duration. The baffle and aspect plate can also be interlocked with hinged pins to turn out to be an integral component of the conveyor belt.
Horizontal straight-line conveying, lifting climbing conveying, turning conveying and other kinds. The conveyor belt can be included with lifting baffle and facet baffle.

The Belt Conveying Line conveys all kinds of articles or blog posts with different weights by way of ongoing or intermittent motion. It is appropriate for all kinds of bulk merchandise, cartons, packaging baggage and other articles with tiny single w8. In addition to the transportation of ordinary articles or blog posts, it can also satisfy the transportation of articles with unique demands this sort of as oil resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-static.

The belt conveyor transports stably, and there is no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can stay away from injury to the conveyor. Reduced sounds, suited for silent operating environment. Straightforward structure and simple upkeep. Low energy intake and reduced value.

Screw Conveyor is an critical kind of vertical lifting conveying tools for materials. It has the attributes of compact construction, no defeat limit and high movement balance. It is extensively employed in food and beverage, chemical industry, e-commerce, warehousing, express, day-to-day chemical and other industries.
Solution Characteristics: modest use place, conserving space.
The screw conveyor drives the traction conveyor chain plate with custom-made facet bending chain to carry out spiral up and down transportation in the designed low friction coefficient track, so as to full the vertical uninterrupted and non conquer ongoing vertical transportation products of the height difference among upstairs and downstairs. It has a remedy with robust reliability, powerful balance and lower failure fee. The use path of screw conveyor is one particular-way procedure. Below specific situations, it can personalize the positive and unfavorable procedure of lifting and descending instructions.

Optional Products
We can customize various varieties of items in accordance to your requirements.

Our Services
Following sale:
one. Variety knowledgeable senior engineer occur to client company for installation .
2. Offer systematic operation training for client staff.
3. Ensures all tools (besides human variables) within 1 yr, life span routine maintenance sevices.
4. Right after consumer use the device for a number of a long time, we can supply a thorough refurbishment system, the first products and CZPT of components and computer software upgrades, lengthen machine support life for a lot more than 3-4 many years.
5. If top quality issues occur, the supplier offer technical assistance and well timed offer wearing elements.


 Electrical configuration:
ninety% of our core components are imported from overseas. These kinds of as Siemens PLC, CZPT servo motor, and so forth. Robust security, extended services daily life and low failure rate.

Comparable Merchandise
Professional packaging equipment for twelve many years, mainly engaged in: labeling device, palletizing equipment, sealing device, unpacking equipment and packing machine

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Q1: What is your company’s primary items?
Palletizer,Conveyor,Situation Packer,Sealing equipment,Scenario Erecting equipment,Capping Machines,Packing Devices, and Labeling Devices.

Q2: What is shipping day of your merchandise?

Shipping and delivery date is thirty functioning times normally most of the equipment.


Q3: What is payment expression?

Deposit 30% in CZPT and 70% just before shipment the equipment.


Q4:Are you manufacturer or buying and selling firm?

We are manufacture confirmed by made in china and we have our very own style group.


Q5:In which are you located?

Is it convenient to check out you? We are located in ZheJiang . Visitors is quite convenient.


Q6:How can you guarantee good quality?

1.We have completed doing work system and processes and we follow them extremely strictly.

two.Our diverse employee is liable for distinct doing work approach, their operate is verified,and will usually work this approach, so very knowledgeable.

3.The electrical pneumatic factors are from the globe CZPT organizations, such as Germany’s Siemens, Japanese CZPT etc.

4.We will do stringent take a look at managing soon after the machine is finished.

five.Our devices are qualified by CE,ISO,SGS etc.


Q7:Can you design the equipment according to our needs?

Indeed. We not only can customize the device in accordance to your complex drawing, but also can he new device according to your needs.


Q8:Can you offer you overseas technical help?

Indeed. We can ship engineer to your business to established the machine and teach your employee if needed.


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Whether or not you are constructing from scratch or updating an present undertaking, discovering the right size for your roller chain is a vital initial choice. To correctly measure a roller chain, you need to know the total width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and peak.
This variety of chain is utilised in the original phases of energy transmission advancement. When the sprocket moves nearer to or away from the teeth, sounds is designed as the teeth rub against the connecting rod. These varieties of chains are utilised to some extent for minimal-velocity conveyor chains.