China high quality DC Motor with Encoder 40kw Dental LED CZPT Agricultural Industry Machine 48V 1200W Car Asynchronous Three-Phase Drip-Proof Machine Drive Speed Engine Motor near me supplier

Merchandise Description

DC Motor With Encoder 40kw Dental LED CZPT Agricultural Industry Machine 48V 1200W Auto Asynchronous 3-Period Drip-Evidence Device Travel Velocity Engine Motor

These DC motors are equipped with gear agricultural Chain container and encoder. It utilizes 2 period or 2 stations (quadrature) incremental encoders to recognize the swiftness of the motor, path of rotation and the duration it has travelled.

Encoder suggestions data makes it possible for you to handle your motor acceleration and path effectively. DC motors with encoder feed back again sign generally known as DC servo motors.

DC motors with encoder have received several purposes in robots, robotic arm, CNC equipment and several other apps that want accurate control of acceleration, path and place. You can control your engine using microcontroller or arduino.

DC Motor Specifications

Voltage: 6:twelve VDC
Output Energy: 2.2 W
Equipment Ratio: 1:seventy five
Rated Pace: 133 RPM
Rated Torque: twenty five.4
Stall Present: 3A
Encoder Kind: Corridor influence quadrature encoder 5v (keep an eye on place and path of rotation)
Size: twenty five x 54 mm
Weight: a hundred and twenty g
Shaft Diameter: 4mm



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