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Product Description

Slim Sequence Welded Steel Chain

Our slender sequence welded steel chain refers to the welded offset sidebar chain with fairly narrower inner width. To illustrate, on this webpage, we mostly present you our merchandise with narrow-conclude inner width from 28mm to 77.1mm, and outer width from 51mm-117.35mm.

This collection welded chain is specially made for conveying of CZPT supplies underneath the operating surroundings with strong impact or large dust. It is typically used as scraper conveyor chain for the conveying for grains, bean pulp, industrial bulk cargo, etc. The welded metal chain is also applicable for wooden processing market.


Chain no. Pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (max.) mm Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Height of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Inner width of narrow finish b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of slim conclude b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile strength Q (min.) (KN) Fat for each meter q (kg/m)
WH78 66.27 22.23 28.4 28.four 51 six.4 a hundred and fifty 5.nine
DWR78 66.27 21.2 fourteen.28 32 28.4 fifty one 6.four a hundred thirty 6.four
DWH78 sixty six.27 21.2 14.28 32 28.four fifty one 6.four 170 6.four
WR78B 66.27 22.two 12.7 28.four 28.six 51 six.four ninety three.4 five.nine
WR78H 66.27 25.4 14.27 32 25.four fifty one nine.five 127
WH78H 66.27 25.four 14.24 32 25.4 51 nine.five 158
WH78C 66.27 22.five 12.7 28.4 28.six fifty two.3 seven 180 7.1
WR78SS 66.27 21.two 12.7 28.4 28 fifty two.three seven eighty five
WR82 27 14.29 32 forty four fifty seven six.four ninety three.4 five.eight
WR82R twenty five.four 14.29 32 forty four fifty seven six.4 one hundred fifty five.seventy five
WR82X seventy eight.1 31.seventy eight 19.05 38.1 50.fifteen 60.3 nine.five 169 15.6


chain no. pitch P (mm) Outer diameter of bushing d1 (max.) (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (max.) (mm) Top of sidebar h2 (max.) (mm) Internal width of narrow finish b1 (max.) (mm) Outer width of slim stop b2 (max.) (mm) Thickness of sidebar T (max.) (mm) Tensile power Q (min.) (KN) Fat per meter q (kg/m)
WHX124 a hundred and one.six 36.five 19.05 41.3 70 nine.5 224.6 twelve.six
WHX124(H) a hundred and one.six 36.5 19.05 41.three 70 9.five 224.six twelve.6
WHX132 153.67 forty four.forty five twenty five.25 50.8 seventy 111.76 twelve.7 378 20.5
WHX132(H) 153.67 forty four.forty five twenty five.twenty five 50.8 111.seventy six 12.7 378 20.5
WHX150 153.67 forty four.forty five twenty five.25 63.five seventy 111.seventy six 398 24.5
WHX150(H) 153.67 44.forty five twenty five.twenty five 63.five 111.seventy six 398 24.five
WHX155 153.sixty seven 44.45 28.forty two sixty three.five 73.six 111.25 fourteen.27 411
WHX155(H) 153.67 44.45 28.42 sixty three.five 73.six 111.twenty five 14.27 411 27.7
WHX157 153.sixty seven forty four.45 28.52 sixty three.five seventy six.4 117.35 15.88 552 29.1
WHX157(H) 153.67 44.forty five 28.fifty two sixty three.5 76.four 117.35 15.88 552
WHX124P 103.two forty four.forty five twenty five.25 fifty.8 seventy six.2 twelve.7 378 27.9
WR124R a hundred and one.6 36.five 19.05 forty one.three 70 9.five 169 12.6
WHX111 a hundred and twenty.nine 36.5 19.05 38.1 fifty seven.fifteen eighty four.eight nine.5 224.6 eleven.9

For more than 20 years, we have concentrated on the personalized chains.

For far more than twenty years, We have d100s of different sorts of industrial chains.

So we have a prosperity of custom chain knowledge.

Here are some of the types of the chains.


Chain pitch: refers to the length among the hinge centre of one chain url and the hinge center corresponding to the adjacent chain website link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle where the center of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped close to the ball. The hinge centers of the chain and the circles drawn by way of these facilities are referred to as pitch circles, and their diameters are known as pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilised to constantly raise and express substance at a velocity of 2 m/s. There are two sorts of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This kind of conveyor chain is utilised for electricity transmission between conveyors of shorter lengths. Shut chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, solid and fashioned, with high energy after heat therapy.
The atmosphere in which the roller chain is used and the function it performs will impact which roller chain is used and how frequently you will require to change it. Relaxation assured that roller chains are one particular of the most effective and productive alternatives for electricity transmission and transportation apps. You will find roller chains most frequently employed for mechanical energy transmission in industrial machinery and product conveyance through producing amenities. General Industries: Food, Beverage, Materials, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Development, Mining