Automatic 5 Litres Water Filling Machine

Automatic 5 Litres Water Filling Machine

Automatic five Litres H2o Filling Equipment

Automatic five Litres Drinking water Filling Machine

Quick description:
1. Capacity: 800~1000bph for five L
2. Washing, filling and capping on the very same equipment, rotary kind

I)The principal function and traits
The filling device is suited for 5L pure h2o, mineral water and other non-automated liquid filling gasoline, its principal characteristics are:
1, Bottle purple card is the bottleneck components of method utilised, rotate a hundred and eighty levels, washing performance.
2, The use of mounted floor of the filling indicates filling good quality, filling speed quickly.
3, The use of mechanical liquid amount automatic handle mechanism.
4, Filling valve, hydraulic cylinder and other elements of surface are in direct get in touch with with higher-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, simple to thoroughly clean, in line with industrial cleanliness demands.
five, The use of electromagnetic speed control motor, robust generation capability to accomplish any adjustments.
six, Compact structure, handy procedure and straightforward servicing.

II)Operating principle:
The equipment adopts the theory is given liquid filling force filling. Primary approach is: Cleaned the bottle into the bottle observe wheel appropriated by the carry shaft areas, with the dial clockwise, the bottle filling valve from the bottom up and seal the bottle and realized the bottle sealed get in touch with with the valve open up Liquid cylinder of liquid in the downstream results of its excess weight into the bottle, even though the air within the bottle of liquid in the lose, pushed out from the heart tube discharge valve, the liquid till the bottle vent pipe flooded the centre, the irrigation Set up to quit, with the bottle down, filling valve closed, filling the bottle by the finish of the bottle sealed track wheel output into the following procedure.

III)Principal technological parameters:
Rinse heads: 8
Filling heads: 8
Capping heads: 3
Rated capacity: 800~1000 bottles / hour (5 liters bottle)
Filling capability: 5L(regular filling quantity)
Filling materials: Drinking water
Bottle variety: PET bottle, bottle diameter one hundred-220MM, bottle height 150-350MM (specific needs can be CZPT)
Filling technique: Filling force
Applicable cap type: CZPT plastic screw cap
Electrical power: two.2KW
Voltage: 220V three-stage AC
Rinse water intake: (sterile drinking water) .5-.8M3 / H
Stress: .4MPA
Products Proportions: L2780 * W1965 * H2100MM
Tools excess weight: 4000KG

IV): Device configuration:
Element of the composition: —- rinsing products
Filling components: —- sealing part
—- pneumatic elements
—- CZPTal Part
—- component of the electrical box
—- component of the principal travel
—- chain box and some out of Arc
Bottle chain conveyor into the length of one m
Bottle chain conveyor out the length of one m

Generation capacity 800~1000bph
Suitable bottle dimensions 5L~10L

Automatic 5 Litres Water Filling Machine